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Archive for June 1st, 2008

Lou and Blue on board

Posted by indigodream on 1 June, 2008

Blue and Lou - the accident prone greyhounds!Just setting the scene for you – here are our greyhounds looking cute (well, that’s what I think though I may be biased!). They’re looking eager because their favourite thing about the boat is being able to jump off!

Our greyhounds are like every other retired racer – EXCEPTIONALLY LAZY. Despite this they’ve never taken to the slow and easy life of the narrowboater – they always want to jump off and investigate new smells on the towpath. In their racing days they could run 10 times faster than the boat (40mph versus 4mph) but nowadays they can’t be bothered. Unless there’s roads nearby we let them rummage around when we’re doing flights of locks however it’s not unusual for us to have to walk back to fetch Lou – she usually finds herself a nice patch of soft grass and nods off! Blue’s a bit more active but not by very much…….

One benefit of being on the boat is that they’re allowed on the sofa (definitely not allowed at home) – if you think we’re not being strict enough then you try fitting two great big dogs into a 6′ space without touching the furniture! They love their comforts so in addition to the sofa they also have a large duvet each, a heap of blankets, two pillows and two sheepskins (the sheepskins come down the pub with us – a greyhound just won’t lie down on an uncarpeted floor!).

In addition to Blue and Lou we have pictures of the greyhounds which we sponsor – I rattle a collecting tin at everyone who comes on board and thanks to their kind donations we’re able to sponsor three retired greyhounds who are waiting for new homes. I’d love to give a home to more greyhounds but that would be a full time job and Richard won’t let me stop working 🙂

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Indigo Dream Artwork

Posted by indigodream on 1 June, 2008

Indigo Dream ArtworkThis a shot of the artwork on our beautiful narrowboat “Indigo Dream”. The artwork was sketched and painted freehand by a great boat artist called Andy (based near Northwich) – we’ll add his surname and phone number later! The picture shows the ‘Priory’ – actually a Victorian folly. It’s one of the great views from our house so we chose it as a reminder of home when we’re off on our cruises. The priory looks amazing when the huge buttery moon rises behind it (about once a year!). This is was what we were aiming for but the artist did us proud and gave the Indigo Dream a suitably gothic interpretation to go with the mystical sounding name. If you ever see us on the water look out for the four bats which he added to artwork on one side. I vetoed the witch on a broomstick!

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What’s this all about?

Posted by indigodream on 1 June, 2008

Well this is the start of a blog about the travels of Sue & Richard together with greyhounds Blue and Lou on the narrowboat Indigo Dream. We have never written a blog before nor do we read that many ……

No travelling today thanks to the incompetence of our home insurance company meaning that we have to delay starting off by a few days. Probably just as well as Richard has too much work to do and we can do with a bit of time getting prepared.

So our summer journey is from Engineers Wharf in Northolt to Lechlade then Stratford then Gloucester. Not sure which way we will go back, possibly via Tardebigge which will make our journey 419 locks and just under 500 miles [Or so the excellent tells us]. We do the first bit in a 2 week solid chunk starting, well whenever Royal & Sun Alliance get their act together, *sigh*

Richard spent a relaxed afternoon at Engineers Wharf working on the boat, well working in between talking to other boaters. The boat is not quite due a service but good to get it done before we go. Cold water system disinfected and flushed (2 bottles of Milton in a part full tank left for 40 minutes then took about 40 minutes to flush). We have a toilet tank the size of a small boat so that got emptied and flushed a few times. Boat definitely much higher in the water! Oil changed, air filter changed and our various fuel filters all changed. No water trapped in the filters so thanks to Diesel Lizzie for having nice clean fuel.

Meanwhile Sue spent the afternoon in the vets. We have not been there for at least 3 weeks so they must have been worried that their new car fund was not growing as it should. Fortunately Blue obliged by running into something and getting a nasty tear on one side. Our greyhounds need a trip to specsavers. That said Blue had eaten only an hour before so needed to be stapled without being knocked out. The brave lad took it without a whimper. Having survived that ordeal he is now full of beans but on mandatory lead only exercise for a while. The local rabbits are safe, well possibly less safe as our duo won’t be chasing them for a few days. The dogs are still blisteringly fast but we have yet to save any money on dog food.

Not worked out yet how to upload photos so here is a link to a photo of Blue:

The equally accident prone Lou is here:

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