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Archive for June 2nd, 2008

Why ‘Indigo Dream’?

Posted by indigodream on 2 June, 2008

We haven’t started our summer cruise yet so I’ll keep filling you in on some of the background.

Indigo Dream was launched in May 2006 after the usual boatbuilding saga – I’ll keep that story for a rainy day!

There are a million decisions to be made when you design your own bespoke boat ranging from size of toilet tank(if you’re not a narrowboater then just don’t get us started on the subject of toilets!) through to the colour of the curtains. But the most important decision of all is, of course, the name. In a way it was just as well that our builder was 6 months overdue on delivery – it took us that long and more to decide on a name!

I’d love to tell you a mystical tale about how we came up with the Indigo Dream but we’re scientists and approached the task with our usual logical methodology! We started by listing potential names – painstakingly divided into categories – nature, comic, literary, astronomical – well, this got us a lot of logical lists but no logical decision! So we ditched the science and came back to what we loved instead! We started with the fact that we wanted our boat to be gorgeous blue – this was the one decision we agreed on immediately and unanimously. Anyway, that got us onto colours. Then we thought about our dog at the time – a lovely old lurcher called Indie (pictured above) who was still very fast even into old age (hence indie-go!). So that’s the first part of the name sorted! But Indigo seemed a bit spare as a name so we then though some more – Indigo spirit – nah, too new age (did I mention we were scientists!); Indigo Blue – nah, didn’t work for us; Then one evening we were having a rather tipsy muse on the crystalline perfection of the summer evening sky when it came to us – Indigo Dream – yes, that’s it, to have our own boat (rather than a share) was our dream and it obviously gave us lots of potential to be Indigo Dreamers, to go Indigo dreaming etc etc – perfect.

Indigo Dream was designed as a dog-friendly boat for our aged lurcher. Sadly, because of delays in the build she died a month before the boat was launched so she never did see her namesake :’-( . We were desperately sad but there’s no use being sentimental – when I say the boat is dog-friendly what I actually mean is that it’s dog-proof (the stern is fully enclosed). Indie wasn’t fond of boating and would leap off whenever she could. Jumping six foot off our old boat onto the bank was her forte – often in very inconvenient spots (like just before tunnels) – she considered the conundrum of how to get her back on board to be entirely our problem!

Just one day to go before we start our cruising blog – a VERY rainy day is forecast for tomorrow so maybe I’ll tell you the painful tale of the build then………

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