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Archive for July 3rd, 2008

The Odyssey – Summer 2008 Day 17

Posted by indigodream on 3 July, 2008

All very serendipitous here tonight – I have a meeting in Manchester tomorrow and, by chance, the boat was conveniently within reach of Birmingham for us to moor up in the centre . I’m using the boat as a ‘halfway house’. I’m pleased that I did because the train journey from London was tedious enough without the thought of adding the hour or more that would get me to Manchester.

So, instead of staying at some soulless and stuffy business hotel I’m relaxing on the Indigo Dream with a soft breeze swaying through the hatches and a drift of soothing classical music flowing through the twilight. We have a tendency to buy random CDs that are being sold off for 90p in Tesco so the music selection on board is a little eccentric (to say the least) however among our bargains was ‘classical serenity’ which just suits my mood.

Yes, I am in the centre of Birmingham and feeling good so far. The first relief was that the boat was fine after we abandoned it on Cambrian Wharf on Saturday. The second relief was that the pub across the road wasn’t quite as noisy as it had been on Saturday afternoon. I did get a few youths shouting “Indigo Dream” across the water – don’t ask me why! Have they been serenading the boat like that every day or was it me they were addressing? Either way, I ignored them and they gave up……

I had a wander through Brindley Place earlier – it was buzzing – loads of people outside on the numerous squares enjoying a companionable evening out. After a few false turns (which led only into other nice squares with cafes and fountains so no big deal) I eventually found the Sainsbury’s local – not a huge range of stock but fine for milk and the basics. I also passed a Spar which actually looked more inviting than the Sainsbury’s. There are very good information boards dotted around on every corner- they include location maps for the main stores, eateries and other attractions so it’s quite hard to get lost here (though I did try!). I thought it a very positive sign that the boards haven’t been wrecked by graffiti.

I was after a chinese takeaway and Brindley Place didn’t disappoint! I found a place called Tin Tin’s – decent cantonese food though slightly pricey. I will occasionally colonise the corner of a restaurant if I’m by myself but the lure of being on board was just too strong. I love spending time on the Indigo Dream. I do miss Richard and the dogs but I am enjoying yet another guilty pleasure this evening- stretching out on the sofa all by myself 🙂

There is no shortage of restaurants here – I’m only sorry that we’re not staying longer as it would be nice to try a few out. I was tasked with finding a good place for dinner tomorrow night but the choice was bewildering – we’ll just have to follow our noses (literally!).

I enjoy doing embroidery at home but I find that it’s a bit of a faff on board (especially as the light isn’t so good). So, I’ve decided to try another craft. My mum is a tremendous knitter but unfortunately I haven’t inherited her talent. My childhood was littered with dropped stitches as I tried to get the hang of it. But I don’t like to be beaten so 30 years on I’m going to try again. I have ball of wool and some needles and have decided on the ambitious (for me) project of knitting a scarf. So far I have completely failed to get a grasp of how to cast on so it may be while yet. Thanks heavens for global warming – the aeons until the next ice age should just give me enough time to get my snug scarf finished!!!!!

Richard and the dogs are joining me tomorrow evening and we’ll cruise slowly out of Birmingham over the weekend. I hope that the journey out will be as pleasant and trouble-free as the journey into the city. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime, I’m hoping for an untroubled night on board……..

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