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The Odyssey – Summer 2008 Day 21

Posted by indigodream on 18 July, 2008

It’s all euphoria here – we’re back on board, I’m back on the blog and I got the results of two exams that I sat in May – passed with Merit. Hooray

We didn’t cruise last weekend – we were both knackered and couldn’t face the drive up to Birmingham in the Friday traffic. We rang the local BW office and then had a chat with the local moorings officer – we had been out and back and then with our lapse last weekend we’d arguably be overstaying our welcome at Cambrian Wharf. It is hard to know how to interpret the 14 day rule – if you go away for 2 days then come back does the 14 day timer re-start? However they were very relaxed about it and, in our experience, BW have always been very helpful when we’ve had problems moving the boat (for whatever reason). We think that the trick is to ASK them rather than just taking the p***!

So, we’ve got one more night in Cambrian Wharf and then we’ll carry on exploring. Alas, it doesn’t look as if my cousin will be able to take the boat out so we’re taking advantage and spending this weekend exploring a bit more of the BCN. We’re planning a trip down Farmer’s Bridge, along the Digbeth then along the Tame Valley Canal, ending up at Merryhill (where we’ve booked a week’s secure mooring). Tonight, though, we’ll take advantage of the big city to have a celebratory meal and possibly a few glasses of wine!

Note: There is a really convenient multi-storey car park on the left as you approach Brindley Drive. It’s not an NCP so it’s considerably cheaper (£7.30 per 24 hours) and you can pay by phone. This is extremely convenient – if our cunning plan works then we can ring and pay tomorrow without having to come back to the car.

Rudeness on canals

I was disappointed to hear that Bendigedig had been given a dose of the F-word by another boater in Rickmansworth. However there’s a boat moored near here with the following sign in BIG letters on it’s bow doors “Crap is only left by arseholes – pick up after your dog”. Now, dog mess is unpleasant which is why we religiously pick up after Blue and Lou, but is that really the first impression you want to make? We saw the owners coming back, with a very well-behaved dog, but do we want to make their acquaintance? The sign is very off putting.

Doggie Update

Blue was appalled to find himself back on board – even the lure of Marks and Spencer luxury dog food couldn’t stop him whining. He’s an all action dog and I have to admit that the centre of Birmingham is pretty barren for dogs (though Cambrian Wharf does have easy access to a small bit of greenery). Things have picked up now though as we’ve moored on a pontoon and there are at least 3 cats living here – game on! (from Blue’s perspective). Don’t worry, cat lovers, we will keep him under strict control.

It was Lou’s turn for a vet visit and she excelled herself last Monday by managing to impale her foot on a stick. £360 worth of vets bills and many stitches later I’m pleased to report that she’s recovering well, but banned from exercise for another week. Blue is not impressed to have lost his running mate…..


Unfortunately, we ran into a bit of gratuitous bureaucracy when we came to renewing our plush moorings at Engineers Wharf and saw red! We’ve therefore decided to become rootless vagabonds, sorry, continuous cruisers for the next year or so. Oh rats that means that we are going to have to keep moving the boat. Life is so tough!

Blog withdrawal Syndrome

Is there such a thing as ‘blog withdrawal syndrome’? I have really missed the blog but my daily life at home really is too boring to write about. Ah, there’s another great excuse for doing more cruising…..

One Response to “The Odyssey – Summer 2008 Day 21”

  1. Gongoozler Kayte said

    Hi, just found your Blog, looks amazing, aim to settle down and read all about your adventures – if you ever come up the Wyrley and Essington (Curly Wyrley) drop me a line.


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