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The Odyssey Summer 2008 – Day 32

Posted by indigodream on 25 August, 2008

Gloucester Docks

A view of Gloucester Docks

A view of Gloucester Docks

When we left the boat last week we had no domestic battery power and thought that the alternator had gone. We left the boat connected to shore power and then spent the rest of the week exchanging a million texts with the engineer who’d kindly agreed to fix it while we were away.

Oh happy days, when we thought it was the alternator (cheap); after extensive tests we found that there was a dodgy connection easily remedied but the batteries themselves had died (expensive)! Ok, we know that domestic batteries have a limited life but we thought we had another 6 months or so in hand. We explored new battery options – it hardly seemed worth replacing them with the same type (£75 each) but I put the veto on Richard’s suggestion of putting in EIGHT mega-expensive 6v deep cycle batteries (£110 each). In the end we compromised on 12v deep cycle batteries – still £125 a shot but we only need four – they’ll give us a bit more power and they have a 5-year life (in theory).

Another view of the docks

Another view of the docks

It’s been on of those weekends (again)! Blue managed to delay our trip into Saturday – I’ll let him tell his own story (see below). We didn’t get to Gloucester until 2pm! We met up with the engineer and handed over the best part of £700. We felt so weak at the knees after this that we couldn’t face a cruise so we stayed in the docks overnight and said goodbye to our ambitions for getting to Tewkesbury this weekend.

Note: The engineer who did our electrics is Matt 07834 972942 – he is great, a thoroughly pleasant and conscientious young man who worked hard to diagnose the problem and put it right despite having an already busy client list.

The awesome cathedral

The awesome cathedral

I can’t make my mind up about Gloucester. The docks are magnificent. We had a look at the outside of the BW museum – it looked fascinating but we were too late to get inside. The cathedral is awesome, the town centre has TWO costas and a starbucks, and we’ve heard great things about the many and varied museums. But other areas seem a bit down-at-heel and the shops are definitely at the budget end of the market. Now, that wouldn’t matter at all but we were on a mission to get some more pods for the coffee machine. My mistake as I was sure that I’d seen them for sale in supermarkets. We only found out later that they’re mail order only so we rushed back to the boat and put in an order for 100 pods. Our latte’s are now secure…..

After a long wander round the town by ourselves we then had another long wander with the dogs. Castle Meads is really magnificent for dog-walking. In theory both dogs are ‘walking wounded’ but they both managed some impressive high-speed rummaging despite the fact that Blue had to remember to hop on three legs occasionally!

After all this we were knackered and spent a quiet evening on board – the mooring is uncannily quiet and we had a peaceful night.

ps. Sorry for the lack of photos last week – we left the camera on board! We’ve put a couple of our favourites below!

Blue’s Blog

Oops, forgot I've got a bad leg!

Oops, forgot to pretend that my leg hurts!

Now, oi’m Irish and some would say that the irish are a bit t’ick – ha, little do they know. We’re not short o’ cunning that’s fer sure. So let me tell you about my latest scheme to get me own way. On Friday it started looking as if we were off to that boat again. Now, as ye well know, it’s not me favourite place – if god had meant me to go at four miles an hour he’d ‘ave cut me legs off! So I waited ’til they was all packed then I ran straight into the garden wall. Now, take a tip here. Lou, me old partner in crime, overdid it a few months ago and did a big number on her knee. I reckon she was showin’ off, but then again, she is half australian….

Anyway, if you need to bang yer knee then run fast, hit the wall just above the joint, you just want a bit of a cut not a whole broken bone! Don’t forget to howl in pain and hop about on t’ree legs, that’s where me pal Arthur went wrong. It worked a dream, me mam panicked, we stayed at home so I could get better and I got another night in the best bedroom. It’s hard to remember to hop around, ‘specially when there’s a rabbit in the garden, but it’s well worth t’effort. Cos it get’s better me doggie friends, me mam took me to the vet on Saturday, I got a load of fuss, and some antibiotic tablets. Now me life couldn’t be better – oi ‘ad next to no time on the boat, and twice a day me mam wraps my tablets in pate for me. Sometime she uses philly cheese but oi’m not fussy…….


More of the photogenic cathedral

More of the photogenic cathedral

Old and new architecture in Gloucester town centre

Old and new architecture in Gloucester town centre

2 Responses to “The Odyssey Summer 2008 – Day 32”

  1. Greygal said

    Hey Blue, you’re a cunning old dog aren’t you? Arthur could sure learn some lessons from you. Shouldn’t go worrying your mum like that though. And pate? You’ll be giving my lot ideas. Not sure how much more of that you’ll be getting after that £700 bill!

  2. indigodream said

    A bit less of the old, me darlin’!

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