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Dog Blog: Tough life!

Posted by indigodream on 31 August, 2008

Tough being a dog!

Arghhh bath time

Lou’s Blog

G’day! Lou here.

Naw, as you all know, i’m half-australian though I’ve never seen god’s own county meself. Just as well, just toooo many rabbits – I’d be worn out!

Me good mate, Blue, wrote his blog last week so I thought it was time that I muscled in. I’m top dog after all, no doubt about it, after all it’s not MY bum being bitten here

I’d sort of got me head round having a lazy weekend in Sharpness but the bloke got called out to look at things down a big hole in East London so we had a change in plan. Naw worries, mate – a weekend of no boat, nice lie-ins, and loafing around watching Blue patrol the garden.

But stone the flamin’ crows? The bloke and his sheila got some really bad ideas from bobcat and then got confused. Look it’s flamin’ obvious we’re not cats, we chase cats. But they decided it was bath time anyway!

then look we got groomed!

then look we got groomed!

There’s me being bathed, then the sheila (who’s nickname is Sue) got the big brush out, well, ok it’s a little brush, well, a soft puppy brush to be precise but the big dog brushes are just so harsh. Don’t you go thinking I’m a big wuss – oh no, I’ve just got sensitive skin.

Now, I think we ought to get the union onto this – does it look like I’m having fun? And what about these poor buggers…….

Poor Blue after having his teeth brushed

Poor Blue after having his teeth brushed

Then we got our teeth brushed. Now it’s just plain unfair – we get our teeth brushed regardless, even though I put on me best crocodile impression and try to get the bloke’s fingers. But when he tries to brush his sheila’s teeth with our toothbrush she just hits him and he stops. I’m going to call the retired greyhound trust and ask to be rescued back, but now I smell of evenin’ primrose and lavender, I’d be the laughin’ stock of the kennels…….

Anyone got Greyhoundhomer's telephone number?

Ring the kennels please!

4 Responses to “Dog Blog: Tough life!”

  1. Lesley said

    Hi Lou
    Just been reading about Greys bathtime – what is a bath by the way? I am usually crushed into a glass box called a shower and then himself gets in with me and proceeds to soak me, soap me and spray me again. All the time this happening herself is waiting outside the shower door with Floyd, who watches me through the glass while he awaits his turn in the soaker. I tell you, I will be glad when they think I am big enough to shower alone! I notice you have a audience as well, but with a camera, I ask you, is there no awareness of dignity with these owners?
    Fletcher Labrador

  2. Greygal said

    G’day Lou, Monty here. I’m also half Aussie so I reckon we should team up. You’ve got a nice line in brindles too so I think we’d make a great matching pair. Can I come round your gaff because it’s quite crowded here and I like the idea of pate for my supper?

  3. nb.bobcat said

    I do apologise for causing you any distress. Please note the cat was allowed to bathe ex camera and was only caught on camera doing her toilette later. If she will leave her curtains open what is a papparazzi to do? I have not tried cleaning her teeth and I have mislaid the nit comb I used to use to ‘brush’ her. Memo to self need a new one.

  4. indigodream said

    Bobcat: Glad to see that modesty was suitably maintained and no voyeurs in your household. Where are the photos Fletcher? Monty: Stop dreaming about / dribbling on my pate sandwich, after all I don’t get any dough or 99s but if you want to come round, I will gladly bark in your ear and then bite your bum.

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