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The Odyssey Summer 2008 – Day 48

Posted by indigodream on 15 October, 2008

Teddington Lock moorings

I don’t normally let stress into my working life – there’s no reason to. I work from home and my ‘desk’ is a large squashy recliner armchair where I type away on my laptop with phone, tea, diet coke, chocolate and remote control for the radio within easy reach. The presence of two ultra-relaxed greyhounds in the room has a further calming effect.

This week, though, I’ve allowed a few tendrils of stress to catch at my mind, especially on Friday when I was running a training course which is causing me particular anxiety (long boring story).

But the silver lining was that my training course was in Kingston, finished at 2.30pm and the boat was conveniently moored just a mile and a half away at Teddington. Richard had the dogs so I was free to go to Sainsbury’s, stock up on doughnuts and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine.

Note: There’s good street parking convenient for the lock on Riverside Drive; for the moorings further back from the lock head for Beaufort Road or Burnell Avenue. For your satnav, the town is Ham (not Teddington).

When I got on board, the benefits of having our own boat hit me forcibly once again. As I set up my chair and computer on the front deck I felt all the stress of the week just falling away to be replaced by a bubbling euphoria. It’s mad – I’d only been away for 4 days! But the weather was glorious and Teddington is quite beautiful from the water.



There was a multitude of walkers, with and without dogs, passing by and I smiled rapturously at each and every one – I was completely suffused with wellbeing at my fellow man. Remarkably, no alcohol was involved though there were clouds of suspiciously sweet smoke wafting across the river from the dutch barge moored behind us 🙂

My joy was enhanced when I heard the phrase “lovely boat” drifting down the towpath. I was immediately captivated. The charming people saying all the right things about Indigo Dream were Neil and Jenny from nb. Victoria. They didn’t have their boat with them but were just enjoying a walk along the river. In my benign mental state I invited them on board for a nosey and they delightfully complimented every aspect of the boat. We then sat on the front deck in the last of the evening’s sunshine and shared our common love of boating (my second favourite subject after greyhounds).

Neil and Jenny had particularly interesting tales to tell about their cruise (on a cruise ship) along the great rivers of Europe. It sounded wonderful and showed me another option for getting round the continent. We do have a vague ambition to cruise Europe’s waterways one day. I’ve already concluded that we need a bigger boat for that. But now I’m wondering whether to just book a cruise and avoid the anxiety of being run over by a mega-barge! Uhm, lots to think about.

After Neil and Jenny had moved on (I wonder if they were glad to escape from the mad woman who’d kidnapped them onto the Indigo Dream?!) I got chatting to another couple who had a lovely lurcher. The lurcher was a small greyhound/german shepherd cross by the looks of it, only 14 months old, big brown appealing greyhound eyes (irresistible) and lots of puppy charm. Our two hadn’t arrived at the boat yet and just as well, excitable puppy types are one of Lou’s favourite targets – she’d have chased him right round the park! I was reassured by their tales of the lurcher’s exploits – sounded remarkably like Blue and, for a moment, I felt that maybe I only had the second naughtiest dog on the towpath!

I did spot another greyhound plodding down the path, but despite the fact that it looked quite old and slow, it was still too fast for me to catch up for a chat with its owner!

Fuzzy photo but I hope you get the idea..

Fuzzy photo but I hope you get the idea..

The sun was setting and the autumn chill settling in when Richard, Blue and Lou arrived. It was such a lovely evening, clear indigo sky, twinkling stars and the reflection of the full moon softly rippling on the water.

Despite the lovely view, we decided to abandon the water and explore Teddington High Street for food. There’s a wide choice of restaurants here to suit just about any taste. Most were quite pricey – it’s that sort of area! We settled on ‘Thai Smiles’ and had a very good meal – we don’t often eat Thai and it was just what we fancied.

I was full of contentment when I got back to the boat, the pack was together, we were warm, comfortable and well-fed. What more could we ask for?

2 Responses to “The Odyssey Summer 2008 – Day 48”

  1. Neil & Jenny said

    Hi there any thing but mad!! It was delightful to meet you and now we are now enjoying your blog.

    We have passed your blog on to our NB friends from the USA. Now you are truly INTERNATIONAL.

    We trust that your Winter moorings are OK. Neil & Jenny

  2. indigodream said

    So good to hear from you – you must let me make you a cup of tea (or pour you a glass of wine) next time you’re passing.

    We’re safely at our winter mooring (I’m one day behind on the blog!) but so sad to finish our summer cruise. I don’t doubt we’ll be flitting to/from Paddington over the winter.

    Looking forward to seeing you around on your boat sometime!

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