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Archive for October 22nd, 2008

Dog Blog: Calendar Girl (and boy)

Posted by indigodream on 22 October, 2008

BIG NEWS – Blue and Lou have hit the big time.

Calendar girl and boy

Calendar girl and boy

A photo of the pair of them peering charmingly over the side of the boat has been featured in the Greyhoundhomer calendar for 2009! They’re on the July page – a fine month for boating! They’ve already featured on a Greyhoundhomer bookmark so they’re not total strangers to fame, and, of course, there’s their fan club on the blog.

We’re so thrilled (I know, it’s sad)! Everyone we know will be having a calendar in their Christmas stockings!

Blue and Lou are taking it all in their stride, but they don’t know that they’ll be spending the whole of December autographing calendars!

Greyhoundhomer is the Ockenden branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust. This is where we got Lou and where we also sponsor three dogs.

Pat and Mary, who run the shelter, were great. They’re so dedicated to greyhounds and were patience itself as we dithered over the momentous decision of which charming young lady to bring home. Blue was no help at all – he’s so laid back that he just shrugged his shoulders at each new introduction and said “s’pose she’s ok” – he had roughly the attitude of a 10-year old boy to girls 🙂

We chose Lou for the little glimpses of character she showed when we met her. Once she got to her forever home that character really blossomed – she’s probably the most expressive dog we’ve ever had (and the vet and her nurse agree with me so it’s not just my doting ‘parent’ view!).

Anyway if you want to join their adoring fans, and support a great greyhound rescue kennel then you can order a calendar from this link. It’s a bargain at £6 plus £1 postage. Blue and Lou usually charge far more for signed prints…..

Order Now.....

Order Now.....

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Getting ready for a party (in a bit less than 4 years time) (2)

Posted by indigodream on 22 October, 2008

Back in September we had a post on what is happening in East London.

Well things are moving on very nicely. A mooring just there in 3 and a bit years time would be nice!

This is much the same view as this one just a little over 1 month later. You can see the stadium starting to take shape though most of it is hidden behind the earthworks, cables have started to come down and is that a beach they are forming?

October 2008 - Serious work!

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