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Good times and bad

Posted by indigodream on 31 October, 2008

I hope that Sue’s posts come over as cheerful. We love being on the water, yes sometimes things go wrong, sometimes the infrastructure is not up to scratch but being on the water is just great. The glass is always half full, well actually it gets emptied pretty fast but I am sure you know what I mean (and Sue counts the units completely incorrectly – I am sure it is a minimum dose).

SInce Sue started writing a blog we have gradually found other blogs and thoroughly enjoyed their adventures. Regulars for us include the cheerful and clever ones such as caxton, dogs on tour, sanity and sometimes even the big daddy grannybuttons though his glass is sometimes half empty.

This post is going to be a sad one.

As you read about more people’s adventures you also read about their dogs. Sadly they do not live as long as we do and when you read the accounts they can be a bit gut-wrenching. So earlier this month Will Chapman of Save our Waterways fame wrote on the uk.rec.waterways usenet group a post entitled “Goodbye Timber, dear friend”. Even some of the nuttier brigade on usenet were moved to sympathise.

nb Daniel Oakley’s blog is currently describing how one dog has cancer and the other kidney failure. We have had both with past dogs but never both at the same time, that is more than anyone should cope with. Indie towards the end was on some cat medicine to reduce blood pressure in her kidneys, kidney diet and then I had to stick her with a huge needle and pop a load of fluid under her skin on a regular basis to keep a decent quality of life going. Honey had a triple mastectomy but they never managed to achieve sufficient margin so the cancer came back after 6 months. The bad times are still vivid in my memory but I have to say that I have so many wonderfully good memories of all our dogs. Even from the bad times there are good memories. Very very shortly before we had to make that trip to the vet, Honey had the most fantastic chase after a rabbit barking away with sheer joy. I have a video on an old phone of Indie doing this fantastic joyful run across a park despite the arthritis, kidney failure etc.

Daniel Oakley’s blog is fantastically well written but oh so so sad. I recommend having a look at their dogs’ good times here. Unfortunately we’ve not been able to leave a comment on their blog but if the crew of the Daniel Oakley happen to read this then you have our absolute sympathy and understanding. As we’ve all rationalised at some time, “They’re only dogs”, who are we kidding 🙂

3 Responses to “Good times and bad”

  1. Greygal said

    Very well said, guys. Having come to dog ownership late, I have yet to go through any ‘bad times’ but I am already dreading it. The thought of one face missing in the morning is enough to set me off blubbing. I too have read about Pip and Jet aboard Daniel Oakley and my thoughts are with them all – dogs are family and their loss is no less easier to deal with just because they are dogs.

  2. indigodream said

    We got a comment from nb Daniel Oakley earlier reporting that one of their dogs, Pip, sadly died over the weekend.

    I’m afraid I made a BIG mistake with the mouse and managed to delete their comment so I can’t pass on my condolences direct. It’s a horrible time and, from our experience, there’s nothing for it but to grit your teeth and wait for the pain to subside. This may take a while! To nb Daniel Oakley – you have our deepest sympathy and understanding.

    We’ve had two sources of consolation:

    The knowledge that for every dog we’ve had, we’ve done our very best to give some meaning to their short lives and that we’ve been with them to the very end.

    Our resolution to go on and rehome another needy dog as soon we can. The longest we’ve lasted without a dog is 1 week!

    We’ve never regretted it – life without dogs is no life at all.

  3. indigodream said

    Now we have the terrible news that nb Daniel Oakley has lost the last of their dogs. What a blow – to lose both so close to each other is a terrible burden.

    I love the quotes and poems on their blog They’re as consoling as anything can be in these circumstances. Extra hugs for Blue and Lou tonight…..

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