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Archive for November 5th, 2008

Just a quickie!

Posted by indigodream on 5 November, 2008

November 4th 2008

I had to work in Slough today. My first option was to drive up this morning but I’ve had horrible car journeys from home to Slough in the past and the parking’s terrible, or I had the second option of catching the 6.24AM train from Redhill.

Or, of course, there was the third option, stay overnight on the boat, serendipitously moored at a marina just six miles from Slough town centre.

We’d discounted the idea of cruising down along the Slough Arm after last weekend’s experience. But Packet Boat Marina is conveniently close to West Drayton train station which is only 8 minutes journey from Slough. It’s a no-brainer – I drove up to the marina last night (40 minutes – no queues on the M25!), then caught a cab to West Drayton this morning ( 5 minutes), got the train to Slough (8 minutes), and walked to the training venue (5 minutes).

Note: Water tank filled on Monday.

All this meant that I had the most leisurely morning on the boat and left at 8.15am carrying a fabulous latte from our espresso machine – lush!

Even the taxis were more reasonable here and actually cost just what I expected (rather than three times the price as we found in Brent last week). I used “wheels 4 women/LG Cars – 01895 444500 or 01895 440800 – efficient, pleasant and reasonably priced.

So the boat has a whole new benefit for us (well, for me, to be more precise). As well as being essential for holidays and making a huge contribution to our physical and mental wellbeing, it’s also a great base for my work. It’s a seductive thought – maybe I could work from the boat after all; maybe we could live our whole lives from the boat……..

Now, are there any old butties for sale? I’ll need to convert at least one so that I can tow my library along 🙂

Dog Update:

I did feel a bit tiny bit guilty about abandoning Richard and the dogs to their fate but I think they have a lovely time when I’m not around (as previous photos of fish ‘n chip papers and other assorted treats prove…..). But why are they so tired? Why did they need to eat so much this morning? What have the 3 of them been up to?

Poor Lou - her bed must be too small!

Poor Lou - her bed must be too small!

Honest, it is the camera angle making his back legs look short!

Honest, it is the camera angle making his back legs look short!

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