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Getting Ready for a Party (3)

Posted by indigodream on 18 November, 2008

We are a bit behind with blogs this month so this is a photo from 10 days ago showing the Bow Back on the right and the olympic stadium getting on nicely on the left.

Bow Back 6 Nov 08

Bow Back 6 Nov 08

<rant mode on>

People complain that we get things wrong, can’t manage things. Well yes that may happen when the great and good get involved (or perhaps when the M&E fit out gets started :-). But actually we are good at these things

This photo is a bit zoomed in and not my usual angle but look at the progress. Pylons and overhead cables are coming down (should be like a 9 year project, done in 3 years). The stadium team are the same people that did the Emirates Stadium – a proven team and look at the progress they are achieving.

Will it be ready? Keep the great, the good and their endless committees away and of course it will be. Oh and stiffen up certain politicians’ backbones.

<rant mode off>

Should we be doing it? Is it too expensive? Well what do you compare it to? Let’s see, the bonus pool in the City last year was £8,500,000,000 yet were these organisations solvent and trading correctly? Tax payers are now throwing in enough money to build how many Olympic Parks? This is a wonderful rejuvenation of East London, cheap in comparison and I can’t wait to see it finished.

3 Responses to “Getting Ready for a Party (3)”

  1. grey Wolf said

    I am still of the opinion that it is a huge waste of money and would have been far more beneficial and cheaper anywhere else in Britain.

  2. indigodream said

    Definitely a huge amount of money! And the elsewhere is presumably somewhere more central?

    The decision is made, let’s now enjoy and get some benefit out of holding one of the world’s big events – hopefully a load more benefit than we get from having our money spent on banks, £2 billion on cancelled IT projects etc, £3 billion on benefit fraud / mis-payments, £8 billion on the Inland Revenue’s computers …..

  3. grey Wolf said

    Yes more central, but you are right it is done now and we may need the entertainment to cheer ourselves up.I would hope that the top people in the banks might learn some humility from all,but i doubt it!

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