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Last few days at Limehouse

Posted by indigodream on 1 February, 2009

It was with some reluctance that we said goodbye to Limehouse Marina. We like it here and Richard finds it extremely convenient for his client meetings, many of which take place in this end of London. In fact, it was his turn to use the boat for work this week. On Wednesday he took some clients for a trip up the canal to Hackney and back – it was a lovely day for it – sunny blue skies and devoid of the biting wind to come over the weekend.

His clients behaved themselves and did not put up the flashing yellow light and try and get into the Bow Back Rivers this time. Yet they still got a good view of developments on the Olympic Park. It is wonderful to see progress proceeding so fast.

Electric locks are all very well, but for reliability you can’t beat a manual mechanism. Old Ford Lock  is one of the few electrically operated locks on the Lee Navigation. This time, the paddles seemed to go up quite erratically and the malfunction light inside the hut was flashing away. Fortunately Richard and his crew made it through ok, albeit a bit slowly; we’ve been stuck there for an hour or more on several occasions in the past.

Richard always finds it hard to leave the boat and by the time he’d got back from his cruise it realy wasn’t worth him toiling home on the train just to get back on the lines a few hours later. He stayed over on the boat and walked to his meeting in Canary Wharf the following day – sweet! He says it’s such an interesting walk. There are all sorts of old basins which you simply don’t notice when you are going up the tidal river. He walked past Canary Wharf’s latest building site and then wove through the old docks.

He dragged his feet home on Friday, any plans he might have had for staying on board were scuppered by an appointment with a landscaper in the evening and by my pressing need to finish my tax assessment online. I know, should have done it sooner etc etc etc. I will do it on April 5th this year, promise…..

Richard’s Photoblog:

Olympic Stadium rising

Olympic Stadium rising

Energy Centre Frame up

Energy Centre Frame up

Old Ford Lock - MAlfunction Light

Old Ford Lock - Malfunction Light

Bow Locks in the twilight

Bow Locks in the twilight

Zany underbridge lights

Zany underbridge lights

Old Basin

Old Basin off the Thames

Diesel Boat

Diesel Boat - may not fit in a canal lock!

Riverside South Development

Riverside South Development

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