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Dog Blog: Snowed in

Posted by indigodream on 2 February, 2009

Well, not on the boat unfortunately but at snowed in at home. Richard gave up trying to get to the office after leaving at 7am and only being what is normally 5 minutes away after an hour!

The Greyhounds were tired this morning after a busy week and a weekend with spaniels – see later posts. They were very uncertain about the snow – they weren’t sure whether it was safe to walk on – they hovered a paw above the suspicious stuff then ran back to their nice warm duvets. We got them out eventually:

3 Responses to “Dog Blog: Snowed in”

  1. Lesley K said

    Brilliant Sue, can’t you just see their JOY, lovely..

  2. Greygal said

    Great pics, Sue! I wish mine would play like that – Susie just beats everyone up. Mine enjoyed the snow in the field immensely but Susie did cut her paw and has bled all over the village – it looks like murder!

  3. indigodream said

    Poor Susie – hope it’s not too bad a cut.

    I’m not sure whether ‘play’ is the right word for Blue and Lou’s activities – Lou’s favourite game is trying quite seriously to bit Blue’s bum. Luckily he’s oblivious (and much faster than her!). I can’t imagine what a Susie/Lou meeting would be like – sounds as if we’d needs lots of space, earplugs, a first aid box and maybe a vet on standby!

    I was dead chuffed with the photos – Richard did a great job with his new camera. Can’t wait to take some more, though it looks as if the dogs have welded themselves to their duvets for the rest of the day!

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