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Boat Blog: Marathon plans for the summer

Posted by indigodream on 14 February, 2009

Saturday 14th February

Let me start with a curmudgeonly statement on Valentine’s day – I can’t be doing with it – too false, too commercial.

Having said that, I made a hugely romantic gesture today when I posted our application for the 2009 Birmingham Canal Navigations Marathon Challenge – whoo hoo! A snip at £15 as it includes a plaque and a year’s membership of the BCN Society – much better value than the equivalent in red roses.

What better way to celebrate our long relationship than by putting it to the test in a 24 hour cruise round the BCN, reconciling Richard’s competitiveness (“let’s go for it”) and the rest of the crew’s love of sleep (“it’s the taking part that countzzzzzzzz…..”) 🙂

We’ve read accounts of the last BCN Challenge and thought it sounded like great fun. We were so disappointed that it didn’t happen last year. We were delighted when Greygal bought this year’s challenge to our attention. For the uninitiated, the challenge involves travelling around as much of the BCN as possible during any 24 hours out of a total time allocation of 30 hours, though we need to also find some pub time. The aim is to gather points by wandering down less travelled branches and answering questions along the way. There’s still time to enter so do visit the BCN Society website for details.

Now the BCN marathon has suddenly drawn our vague thoughts for the summer into focus. We’ll spend the spring meandering up to Birmingham, hopefully taking in the upper Thames to Lechlade on the way. That’s the bit we had to miss last year because of flooding – let’s hope for better conditions this year. We’ll be in Birmingham at the end of May then I think we’ll be heading north towards Manchester. We can feel a little adventure on the Anderton Boat lift coming on, maybe a bit of the Weaver, Manchester Ship Canal – who knows? The possibilities, as always, are endless.

It’s so thrilling to have a target to aim for – now we’ve got all of our canal guides out and starting to enjoy all the dreaming and scheming. Of course, once we receive our BCN challenge information pack we’ll be busy drawing up strategic cruising plans for the Bank Holiday weekend. The only difficulty now is to find a crew to do the morning shift…..

2 Responses to “Boat Blog: Marathon plans for the summer”

  1. Greygal said

    I only wish I could join you but I think our own summer plans are going to get in the way. I suspect that week we’ll be positioning ourselves for an assault on the Huddersfield Narrow…well, half of it at least. Mind you, plans change…

  2. indigodream said

    Have you been on the Huddersfield Narrow before? If not then we can thoroughly recommend it – it’s totally fascinating but not for for the lock-o-phobic 🙂

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