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Archive for April 4th, 2009

The Odyssey 2009: Day 2

Posted by indigodream on 4 April, 2009

Thursday 2nd April

Richard went back to the boat this morning, hoping that Indigo Dream hadn’t been vandalised or set alight (the fate that befell a cruiser nearby last week). Of course, she was fine. We’ve moored overnight here before and had no problem and so it proved this time.

Safe and sound at the Brentford visitor moorings

Safe and sound at the Brentford visitor moorings

His big plan was to do some DIY – having found some functioning paint he’s started the painstaking task of patching up all the little (and big!) scratches that we’ve accumulated over the last three years.ย  But his big plans were a little thwarted when it took the entire morning just to wash a winter’s worth of grime off the sides (mainly soot and quarry dust). Indigo Dream’s looking much better for a good scrubbing but of course, that meant that the paint-bare areas shone through as well!

He’s ordered some more paint from a manufacturer who can match colours from a sample. We await a litre of new paint with some trepidation – having painstakingly chosen Indigo Dream’s original blue from a wide selection of almost, but not quite, identical blues, it would be a shame then to accidentally paint over it with something that was almost, but not quite identical, to what’s on the boat now ๐Ÿ™‚

I stayed at home with the dogs, they’d have got very bored on the boat as the visitor moorings in Brentford are a little too close to the road to allow for unsupervised rummaging. There is a little supervised rummaging spot across the locks with just enough bushes to allow for meaningful weeing ๐Ÿ™‚ On a matter unrelated to bodily functions, if you cross the footbridge past the Italian restaurant you get to the high street which has a handy little supermarket for essentials.

Richard had a very circuitous afternoon – he left the boat, went to a meeting in another part of London before coming home so that I could drive us all back to the boat in the evening. It all made sense to us, honest…..

It was gone 9.30pm by the time we all arrived back at the boat – someone had shut the M4 for roadworks and an entire motorway’s worth of traffic spilled onto the surrounding A-roads. I did feel sorry for one learner driver who was engulfed by a tide of traffic on roads that would normally be deserted at that time of night. She did very well!

We parked very conveniently in a BW parking space right next to the mooring. These are NOT open to all comers but if you talk nicely to the BW office they can arrange a parking permit. We could have parked there all weekend but the cunning plan was that I’d take the car to the Thames and Kennet marina in Reading (our destination for the weekend) on Saturday morning ready for a quick getaway on Monday afternoon.

It was very quiet on the moorings and we had an untroubled night.

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