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Archive for June 20th, 2009

Dog Blog: A great grey day…..

Posted by indigodream on 20 June, 2009

Saturday 13th June

Stifford Show

Stifford Show

We delayed our journey up to the boat to follow our other obsession – greyhounds. We popped into the village show in Stifford where greyhoundhomer (where we got Lou) has a vital presence. It was great to see village life being maintained via this lively show with brass bands and morris dancers, and, most importantly, greyhounds. They were everywhere – wandering about, strutting round the show ring, or, most commonly, lying flat out on the grass looking totally unconcerned by the passing crowds. Each and every one was a fine advertisment for the merits of rehoming a greyhound. Blue and Lou were particularly well-behaved. Lou characteristically waited until she got to the centre of the showground then had a good bark just to let everyone know she was there. Once that was done she was quiet for the rest of the day!

In some confusion, another greyhound owner persuaded us to enter Blue and Lou into the fun dog show in the ‘best brace’ class. We had no chance – the places were taken by three spectacularly well-matched pairs. Ah, if only Mickey had been there – Blue and his brother would surely have swept the board – they’re such a handsome pair. Nonetheless, doting mum was very proud of

Greyhounds everywhere

Greyhounds everywhere

Blue and Lou as they did a perfect walk to heel round the show ring; Richard thought they looked very fit indeed. I was amused when a little girl leading one of the greyhounds from the shelter commented that it was the ‘taking part that counts’ as she quite seriously reassured her dog that it didn’t matter that he hadn’t won. She told me that some people take the show very seriously indeed and get very upset when their dogs don’t take a rosette – takes all sorts.

We were there to support the shelter though it does occur to me that Blue and Lou might have done better in competition if their last contact with water hadn’t been a muddy pond on one of our favourite walks!

Lou & Blue getting ready for posing

Lou & Blue getting ready for posing

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