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Archive for November 30th, 2009

Boat Blog: I plead NOT GUILTY, yer honour…

Posted by indigodream on 30 November, 2009

Well, it had to happen – we’ve chosen to share our boat’s log with the world in the form of this blog so it’s inevitable that some people out there are going to hate us……

We’ve had a particularly vituperative comment by another boater who’s judged us to be guilty of the heinous crime of continuous mooring. Well we think she is another boater but he/she does appear to have several aliases. Not content to leave it as a comment on the blog, he/she’s also put her judgement on the canalworld forum, so now Indigo Dream has acquired a notoriety which we didn’t seek and which we certainly don’t appreciate.

Anyway, I’ve decided to explain our actions – if people are going to judge then it should at least be on the facts…..

  1. We cruised back from our summer odyssey in October on the basis that we had a winter mooring in East London; the only snag being that the moorings were occupied (long story) but that they were expected to be free by mid October
  2. Every week we ring or email to find out about our winter moorings – the story so far has been that the current occupiers have been having fortnightly meetings with BW ref. the moorings that they’re moving on to, which have been delayed. They’re delayed, so we’re delayed.
  3. In the meantime, we’re stuck in London waiting for the go ahead – we don’t want to go too far out because at some point we’re still hoping to be able to hotfoot it down to East London before the lock stoppages in January. It has also been useful for the charity cruises and also for cruises for friends and work colleagues.
  4. The cruising rules are clear and we have carefully abided by them. So far we have moved the boat between moorings at City Road, Paddington, just outside Little Venice and Perivale.
  5. We’re staying reasonably central because if we haven’t heard about the East London moorings by the end of December we’ll take up a winter mooring in Black Horse and we need to be able to get there! The winter moorings are sold in 3-month tranches so it hasn’t been practical for us to pay for one, knowing that in the next week we might get into our longer-term winter spot.
  6. We have talked to both the old and new Patrol Officers  about what we are doing.  It is interesting – they have a record of where we have been spotted at various times through out the year and are quite happy that we are not take the pee.

Now you have the facts – if you still think we’re being selfish then so be it – we think we’re being as reasonable as our circumstances allow at this time.

The blog has given us a lot of pleasure and we try to open and honest about our life on the waterways; we hope that people get some pleasure from sharing our journeys. It’s my intention to carry on blogging but it is difficult under these circumstances……

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