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Boat Blog: I plead NOT GUILTY, yer honour…

Posted by indigodream on 30 November, 2009

Well, it had to happen – we’ve chosen to share our boat’s log with the world in the form of this blog so it’s inevitable that some people out there are going to hate us……

We’ve had a particularly vituperative comment by another boater who’s judged us to be guilty of the heinous crime of continuous mooring. Well we think she is another boater but he/she does appear to have several aliases. Not content to leave it as a comment on the blog, he/she’s also put her judgement on the canalworld forum, so now Indigo Dream has acquired a notoriety which we didn’t seek and which we certainly don’t appreciate.

Anyway, I’ve decided to explain our actions – if people are going to judge then it should at least be on the facts…..

  1. We cruised back from our summer odyssey in October on the basis that we had a winter mooring in East London; the only snag being that the moorings were occupied (long story) but that they were expected to be free by mid October
  2. Every week we ring or email to find out about our winter moorings – the story so far has been that the current occupiers have been having fortnightly meetings with BW ref. the moorings that they’re moving on to, which have been delayed. They’re delayed, so we’re delayed.
  3. In the meantime, we’re stuck in London waiting for the go ahead – we don’t want to go too far out because at some point we’re still hoping to be able to hotfoot it down to East London before the lock stoppages in January. It has also been useful for the charity cruises and also for cruises for friends and work colleagues.
  4. The cruising rules are clear and we have carefully abided by them. So far we have moved the boat between moorings at City Road, Paddington, just outside Little Venice and Perivale.
  5. We’re staying reasonably central because if we haven’t heard about the East London moorings by the end of December we’ll take up a winter mooring in Black Horse and we need to be able to get there! The winter moorings are sold in 3-month tranches so it hasn’t been practical for us to pay for one, knowing that in the next week we might get into our longer-term winter spot.
  6. We have talked to both the old and new Patrol Officers  about what we are doing.  It is interesting – they have a record of where we have been spotted at various times through out the year and are quite happy that we are not take the pee.

Now you have the facts – if you still think we’re being selfish then so be it – we think we’re being as reasonable as our circumstances allow at this time.

The blog has given us a lot of pleasure and we try to open and honest about our life on the waterways; we hope that people get some pleasure from sharing our journeys. It’s my intention to carry on blogging but it is difficult under these circumstances……

21 Responses to “Boat Blog: I plead NOT GUILTY, yer honour…”

  1. Seems perfectly reasonable to me, and I get quite heavy about continuous moorers. You are in special circumstances, and have BW’s agreement for what yopu are doing, so where’s the problem?

    Don’t stop blogging, whatever you do!



  2. indigodream said

    Thank you, Bruce, much appreciated.

    It’s been quite a horrible experience being discussed on the forum, though mercifully the vast majority of the comments have been very supportive, for which we are immensely grateful.

    I have been saying “that’s it, no more blog’ all day long but then I keep thinking of things I want to write about, like our boat safety certificate in December. I’m sure that all the positive experiences will outweigh this one blot on the landscape. We’ve met too many fine people via the blog to give it up now.

    It was just a bit of a shock this morning – now I know I’m not cut out to be a celebrity or a politician :-), imagine putting up with this sort of thing every minute of every day……

  3. Lesley said

    Don’t you DARE stop blogging!!! If your detractors haven’t grasped the sense of what kind of boaters you are by reading the blog then poor show. SOD em!!!

  4. iain smith said

    I think the person involved is mischief making.Ignore them and carry on!

  5. Lesley said

    I have just had a look on CWF and it looks as if Mabel’s getting a mawling, ha, ha

  6. indigodream said

    Lesley, we honestly don’t think we’ve done anything wrong but even if we had, it’s disturbing to think that there’s someone out there who regards us with such malice. It’s making me feel quite ill….

  7. Greygal said

    And this is one of the very reasons why I gave up blogging….who wouldn’t want anonymity when decent people like you get a completely unjustified mauling from small-minded, sanctimonious cretins? It makes my blood boil. But please don’t quit the blog – one of us has to stay the course and fly the flag!

  8. indigodream said

    Thank you all for your support – I’ve been feeling sick here – I really shouldn’t keep looking at the forum. The discussion has gone way beyond our imagined trangression now. and it upsets me even more that boaters can be so at each other’s throats when we should be supporting each other through hard times.

    We’ve had THREE HUNDRED hits on the blog TODAY – it’s unprecedented and it feels likes it’s all for the wrong reasons – the blog is there to celebrate the waterways – I can only hope that some of our new readers can get past the argument/counter-argument to what’s really important.

    Of course, the blog is a great way to promote greyhound ownership so if the boating aspects get too hot then maybe we’ll just have to bore you rigid with doggie tales and photos instead (as if we don’t already!) 🙂

  9. LES said

    To many sad people out there who delight in having ago.
    Live and let live. The only people who have a right to have a go is our landlord BW and if as it appears they are aware of the situation that`s all you have to worry about.

  10. This is why I don’t read the forums – anonymity is inimical to decent behaviour.

    Hang in there


  11. Del & Al said

    Just ignore them……they obviously haven’t got anything better to do. You’ve got nothing to worry about, if BW are happy that’s all that matters. We’ve been in London for the last couple of weeks, and there was plenty of space to moor….you’re not affecting anyone!!
    Keep blogging….you’ve got tons on support 🙂
    Take care
    Del & Al

  12. indigodream said

    Thanks Les and also thanks to those of you who have emailed.

    Having seen the responses on CWF I am not taking this as personally as Sue. The point for us is that we think we are abiding by the rules and taking care to do so. Obviously the Landlord can always have a go, we know we are not currently doing what we think of as normal mileage so we have talked to the old and new Mooring Officers. That in itself was a surprise – they have a record of where we have been, sounds like a new system and we have been picked up every 2 to 3 weeks somewhere on the network, possibly more frequently in London and she had a record of that. I have still to add up what we did over the summer but the back of the envelope calculation just for our summer cruise was 500 miles and 800 locks in between working full time, so I suspect that our credentials are good and if we asked for some slack we would get it. That said it is much more fun to cruise then to ask for slack so I just wish that certain external bodies (I don’t think BW are to blame) would pull a finger out so this uncertainty would end.

    398 direct hits so far, plus rss feed hits which we don’t count. Previous high spots that I recall were when Greygal first spotted our blog, the BCN Challenge write-up and when the post about Blue meeting Mickey got some publicity but they were all under 200 hits/day. If Sue does not take the blog private then she is going to have to think of something pretty dramatic to match that! Suggestions on a post card please. We still seem to get quite a few searches for big brested women coming our way so perhaps Sue just needs to add an “a” when she next writes about mooring techniques.


  13. Neil said

    To anyone that reads this. I have met Richard and Sue since they have been waiting for their winter mooring and know for sure that they are doing their level best to comply with the rules.

    To Richard and Sue – don’t let the remarks of a couple of ill informed people put you off. The rest of us benefit from your blog, so keep going. You’ll be sure of a sympathetic following. I for one am intrigued to see how the winter mooring works out, not to mention the BSC.


  14. John said

    I have read the comments on the forum and as cotswoldsman have defended your case. There are some real funny people on the canals and I find it best just to ignore them. Anyway glad i found your blog. I am a CCer and certainly don’t cover as much as you seem to


  15. indigodream said

    Hi John. Yes I was about to write a rebuttal to the sad fella quoting several of the posts then read yours and thought, says enough! It is such a real luxury when other people wade in so well on your behalf.

    Hi Neil, thank you for your support. Like you I am intrigued to see if it all works out, coincidentally I had called in last Thursday not realising they go home at 4pm and then emailed on Friday, still to hear the latest, just sitting here wishing that the clm boys would get a move on. I have been trying to work out if the pressure is on or off as we have a plan to go to Kingston as that is where our office Christmas bash is this year. I have got temporary moorings lined up for the 2 weeks we need (1 weekend to get there, 1 weekend to recover, 1 weekend to get back). As with all good plans there is a tiny little glitch: The Thames is on red boards and the long range forecasts look bad. Greygal: If we do make it and if we go for the white knuckle ride to Limehouse on the way back we will give you a shout. It may be a slightly quick journey…


  16. indigodream said

    Thanks Del & Al. I will try very hard to recognise you next time I am at the tea house with the dogs! Shoestring said the same as you on CWF, plenty of space. Sue single handed today and walked passed several empty spaces on the way to the boat. This is a good time of year to visit London so go for it folks!

  17. Hello Sue, nice to have met you briefly in passing today.

    Sorry to hear about the problems you have been experiencing with your blog. We gave up the Ten Bob Note blog earlier this year, partly due to ‘attention’ we were receiving from (as John – Cotswoldman) would say, some ‘strange’ people out there.

    All the best
    Ernie & Carol – nb Ten Bob Note

    PS – Don’t know what all the fuss was about in any case, there were three empty mooring spots when we arrived in Paddington basin today.

  18. Not sure comment got through ??? t-mobile again?????

    Hello Sue, nice to have met you briefly in passing today.

    Sorry to hear about the problems you have been experiencing with your blog. We gave up the Ten Bob Note blog earlier this year, partly due to ‘attention’ we were receiving from (as John – Cotswoldman) would say, some ‘strange’ people out there.

    All the best
    Ernie & Carol – nb Ten Bob Note

    PS – Don’t know what all the fuss was about in any case, there were three empty mooring spots when we arrived in Paddington basin today.

  19. indigodream said

    Ernie and Carol – it was great to meet you (all be it in passing) – I thought that Ten Bob Note was looking mighty fine (your paintwork’s looking immaculate) and your dog is seriously cute on roof – s/he’s obviously enjoying boating life to the full!

    To you and everyone else, thank you so much for your support – it means the world to us.

    Come on down – Little Venice is empty (and not just the one Indigo Dream sized gap!)……

  20. Adam said

    Hi Sue and Richard

    Just catching up with all of this after being away, and can scarecely believe what I’m reading. I can’t find the CWF thread in question, so hopefully it’s been removed. Thank goodness you’re not stopping blogging; among other things, your posts help night shifts go much quicker!


  21. indigodream said

    Hi Adam, yes, the offending (very offending) post has been removed from CWF – although, in all fairness, apart from the original abuse, the vast majority of posts were supportive of us.

    I’m delighted to report that the blog’s gradually sinking back into its normal obscurity – phew!

    Glad to help with the night shifts 🙂 I felt very sorry for you having to come back to work – it seemed that you were just getting into the swing of your winter cruise when it had to stop. I I really enjoyed reliving the Shroppie on your blog.

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