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Boat Blog: Housekeeping…

Posted by indigodream on 10 December, 2009

No, not the usual fight against fluff on the floor, but those routine tasks that need to be done to keep Indigo Dream legally afloat!

Winter Moorings

Well, we’ve finally given up on the moorings in East London. The tale of the East London moorings isn’t ours to tell, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty there. The latest news is that it now seems unlikely that the boats moored on what we hoped would be our moorings will be gone before Christmas. With the lock at Victoria Park due to close at the end of the month it’s just all too tight for us to get there, even if the moorings abruptly came free.

So, we’ve booked and paid for 3 months’ mooring at Black Horse (Greenford) – we’ll move in there towards the end of the month after we’ve had a little trip down to Brentford to check out the Thames (still on red boards but the forecast is for dry weather so it all depends how the river responds).

Much as we love the western end of the Paddington Branch it’s such a shame that we won’t make it east over the winter. We’re not the only ones – largely because of the Victoria Park stoppage, the St Pancras Cruising Club flotilla to the Royal Docks won’t happen in January. We do hope that they’ll run it in the future though – it’s a great trip.

We are planning to head East when the stoppages have stopped, as it were. We’re hoping to have a spring exploration of the Lee and Stort before setting off on the 2010 odyssey – no idea where that will take us yet! As Greyhoundhomer has a shelter in Bishop’s Stortford we’re hoping to fit in at least one more charity cruise – we’ll keep you posted….

Annual Licence

Aah, December is an expensive month, especially if your annual licence expires on the 31st! We’ve sent in our application – we’re going for a Gold licence again. It’s a stunning amount of money but it is nice to have the freedom to move to/from the (applicable) rivers, especially the Thames, which is likely to get a few winter visits if the rain eventually stops.

BSS (Boat Safety Scheme)

Our inspection is due on the 16th but Richard has decided to do a pre-inspection check (provided that at least one of us remembers the keys this weekend!).

The BSS do a really useful booklet which has comprehensive checklists of what the inspector will be looking out for. I think we need a few tweaks (mainly signage), however, from what I’ve read of the booklet so far, a lot of the BSS is in the original design and build. Let’s hope that our boatbuilder did the right thing! I’m hoping that we won’t be too far out on the BSS requirements – after all, we did get a certificate of seaworthiness (or whatever it’s called) for the Manchester Ship Canal only a few short months ago (I won’t tempt fate by suggesting that means we’re not sinking!)

2 Responses to “Boat Blog: Housekeeping…”

  1. Simon said

    I gave up on the CWF a long time ago – ruined by a few idiots, like most things.

    Give me a shout when you’re in Brentford (or on your way and wouldn’t mind a lockwheeler)…

  2. indigodream said

    Hi Simon, it would be great to meet up with you somewhere – I’ve dropped you an email with our details – we’ll liaise!

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