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Boat Blog: BSS

Posted by indigodream on 20 December, 2009

Wednesday 16th December

We welcomed Andrew Phasey on board today to our  BSS inspection.

We first met Andrew a few years ago where his meticulous attention to detail made the convoys down to the Royal Docks such a success. We expected that he would be a thoroughly thorough inspector and so it proved. The inspection took around 3 hours.

Now as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, if you browse the BSS booklet it’s obvious that most of the safety features should be covered in the design and build. But of course, our build was a bit shambolic because our boat builder was in the process of going under at the time! So it was with some trepidation that we let Andrew on board.

So, what’s the result? All passes BUT the gas system’s not up to scratch – aaaargh!  So we now need a gas-safe fitter to come in and adjust the system. We’re hoping that it’s not too much work – our boatbuilder has used flexible hose to connect the hob and the hob specification says that rigid pipes must be used;  we also need a few more clips to fix the gas pipe more securely to the wall. Before you comment, I’m sure that Richard could manage the extra clips himself!

The more problematic issue is the debate where about whether it’s ok for the gas pipe to run through the cupboard where we keep the inverter – if I understand it rightly, if the cupboard is defined as an ‘electrical equipment space’ then it’s not ok; it’s it’s just a cupboard with a bit of electric in it then it is ok. There is both an added complication and benefit as we have an automatic gas cut off in the cupboard and the LPG sensor is in the base of that cupboard. We need to look into this and discuss it with Andrew, who’s been very helpful. If it’s not ok then we’ll need to come up with a solution – preferably one that doesn’t involve re-routing the end of the run to the gas locker but if that’s what needs to be done then so be it.

I have been wondering how our old share boat ‘Dragonfly’ got on in the BSS – her gas pipes used to run past the back of the coal/wood stove – one of the reasons why we never lit it 🙂

It’s all so frustrating because these are things that go right back to when Indigo Dream was originally fitted out. However, taking the positive view, these things will only need to be fixed once!

So, is Indigo Dream unsafe?

I do hope not – she’s been fine for three and a half years, though, as we’ve seen in the financial services industry, past performance is no guarantee of future success 🙂

Luckily our existing certification doesn’t run out until the end of January so we’ve got a bit of time to find a gas-safe  fitter to do the work. Do let us know if you can recommend anyone reliable in the London area.

ps. The good news is that we’ve already got out 2010 licence – less than a fortnight after we posted the application – how’s that for efficiency!

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