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Odds Blog: Snowed in and iced in….

Posted by indigodream on 7 January, 2010

Thursday 7th January 2010

Boaty things….

The trees are very beautiful in the snow....

We need some gas work to be done for our BSS, but getting a gas man hasn’t been quite as straightforward as we’d hoped….

The first man that we tried promised to come and meet us at the Fox moorings between Christmas and New Year. It all seemed too good to be true and so it proved – Richard went up to the boat specially, but there was no sign of the gas man. Many phone calls transpired – the gas man said he hadn’t received directions to the boat (despite the fact that our email trail suggested that he had – grrrr); he asked me to send them again so I hoped he was on his way. But when I rang him a little while later he promptly told me that we’d now ‘missed our slot’ and no way was he coming out. We’ve moved the boat out of his range now though it’s doubtful whether we’d bother with him again

It's the landscape that's black and white, not the 'film'....

Anyway, we arranged a meeting with a different gas man – sod’s law dictated that we made the appointment for Wednesday evening – just after we’d received a bumper load of snow at home. I’m confined to barracks with the dogs but Richard escaped with the help of his latest gadget – snow socks! These are for the car tyres not his feet! The principle is that they’re made of a grippy material which really seems to improve performance in the snow – they seem easier to fit than chains and, unlike chains, will adapt to a number of different tyre sizes.

One thing I noticed yesterday was the silence – partly the blanketing effect of the snow but also the absence of trains,  planes and automobiles. Gatwick was shut for most of the day and although we’re not blighted by airport noise, it was very different without the usual traffic.

Richard toiled into work and later up to the boat – just as well, the batteries were down to just 2%. So whatever happened, his trip definitely wasn’t wasted as he ran the engine to bring the power up. We daren’t leave the Webaso off in these temperatures (unless we drain down the system), but we obviously need to keep a close eye on our batteries. Thankfully the gas man from Perivale DID turn up – hurrah! He’s looked over the job and will be back to do the work on the 16th January – if all goes well that’ll give us plenty of time to get the boat re-inspected.

Richard did report that the canal didn’t look too frozen at Black Horse – it was much milder there than out in the wilds of Surrey where the temperature hit minus 7 last night.

Doggie things…..

The bird feeders were totally covered with birds at one time...

We’ll never tire of taking photos of the dogs in the snow – they’re so joyful. We hope you’ll forgive us for posting more photos – they’re for us to look back on when the dogs are too old to run or have trotted over the rainbow bridge where the souls of dogs are said to dwell.

That’s a little melancholy – I’m hoping for a fair few years of their company yet, though typically today Blue ran into Lou, giving her a big tumble in the snow. All seemed well until she came inside, warmed up and realised that her elbow really hurts – she’s being very pathetic but I’m hoping that my extensive home supplies of doggie anti-inflammatories and painkillers will keep us out of the vets. I’m not sure how we’d get there -it really is horrible outside – I’m not a fan of the snow and ice.

For the record, I melted a hole in the ice covering the pond today – I’m not sure how often to do this but we do have a LOT of fish (including some big ones). The water level seems to have dropped, despite the fact that water supposedly expands when it freezes.  Not much chance of topping it up though – I’m pretty certain that the hose pipe will be totally frozen.

I WILL grumble about the weather but I shouldn’t really – we’ve got gas, electricity and water on tap so we’re having a luxurious time compared to the poor liveaboards carting water drums down the towpath…..


A contender for the 2011 calendar???? 🙂

The snow's a bit deep for running...

Definitely NOT for the calendar - Lou looking totally demented...

And she's off.....

Lou spent a lot of time rolling in the snow - you'd never believe that she really feels the cold and spends a large part of the day snuggled into a nest of duvets and blankets!

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