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Archive for January 20th, 2010

Boat Blog: BSS Success!

Posted by indigodream on 20 January, 2010

Wednesday 20th January

Andrew Phasey, our ultra-helfpul BSS inspector came back to check the new gas works today – it’s all passed – Hurrah!

Now we have our BSS Certificate and don’t have to worry about it for another 4 years (hard to believe that we’ve had Indigo Dream for that long), when any issues should be ones of wear and tear rather than random stuff left over from the original build. Unless, of course, they change the standards by then…..

Note: the BSS certificate comes as two copies – we keep the white one for reference and the blue one goes to the licensing authority when we next renew; ah, that’ll be next December – oh my goodness, better file that blue copy somewhere safe….

It’s been a productive day – we got a local joinery firm to come out and inspect the ‘electrical’ cupboard doors and a very nice man came and gave me a rough quote there and then (about £80 excluding fittings) – bargain! We don’t know how much this stuff costs but based on our experience of getting quotes for a storage box we hadn’t thought to get away with less than £300.

I appointed them on the spot and he’s taken the panel away for his joiner to play with. We’ll post photos of the finished results; not that you’ve seen the original, but we’re so excited about finally getting round to fixing something that’s been irritating us for over 3 years that we’ll just have to tell you about it regardless. Let’s hope it’s a positive post – I’ve just appointed a joiner based on the fact that their estimator seemed like a helpful guy………

So, the gas is sorted, we’ve got the BSS and we’re fixing the cupboard – it was all going too well really……..

The Webasto refused to come on today – possibly a loose connection to the control panel. This is hardly surprising as we had to take it out of the panel (the one being converted to a cupboard door) and it’s been dangling off a coat hook!

I don’t think it’s serious but it meant that I had a very cold couple of hours on board today. I generated some internal heat by washing the floor (it was beyond description – just as well the BSS doesn’t include a requirement to be ‘shipshape and bristol fashion’!). I had to go to the pub to warm up, oh yes I did, where else was I to go? New Year dieters won’t want to know that the Black Horse does really good chunky chips….

Blue and Lou, in the meantime, were toasting in Richard’s office, eating their customary share of sausage sandwiches 🙂

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