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Archive for January 28th, 2010

Dog Blog: Dear Baxter and Muttley…..

Posted by indigodream on 28 January, 2010

Nb Matilda Rose,

Somewhere on a canal,


28th January 2010

Dear Baxter and Muttley

We’ve been giving Boots on nb Bones some excellent tips about dog-training classes but we thought your advice was the best of all….

There are 2 approaches 2 these ‘classes’. The first approach is to do everything she asks, first time, everytime. This boosts her public ego, wins you loads of treats (although we agree you should get an upgrade in the treat dept), and makes you so adored that you get away with murder the rest of the time. The alternative,if you really hate it, is pee on the floor and growl at the other dogs. Be consistent and she’ll get slung out. Love Baxter & Muttley”

We want to report that we tried your methods this evening and they’re the business. Because Lou is top dog she really snarled at this excited thing that came up and sniffed her bottom – the cheek of it! She was very ferocious but she didn’t bit his bum coz we though that might be taking it too far.

I, in the meantime, managed a spectacular wee on the floor and all up the wall but I didn’t get a treat for it – why not?

Mum says we have to go back next week but, like you said, we have to be consistent. Mum says she’s stressed and has had to have a beer – give it another week and I think we’ll have our Thursday evenin’ free for snoozing again.

Yours sincerely

Blue and Lou

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