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Dog Blog: Dear Baxter and Muttley…..

Posted by indigodream on 4 February, 2010

nb Matilda Rose
Some canal or other
Somewhere in England
Thursday 4th February

Dear Baxter and Muttley

We’ve just got the best news ever – we didn’t have to go to class tonight – thank you so much for your tips, we never thought they’d work so fast. And mum took the liver cake out of the freezer for the class – so now we have to eat it for dinner instead – it’s yummy!

We’ve been working on plan B all week – you know, hobbling about, giving the odd whimper – just enough to make mum think we was too ill to go to class. It’s a fine line – we really had to concentrate so we dodge class but still get our daily rummages – it’s been very hard cos she’s kept us at home twice so we’ve had to cut back on the whining, if you know what I mean…

Anyhoo, it came time to go and we was just getting primed to whimper and limp around a bit when mum started groanin’ herself and said she had a ‘raine. Rain? It wasn’t raining – what she on about? She’s curled up in her chair and we cuddled up to her for a fuss – it’ll make her feel better if she keeps busy rubbing our tummies. It’s good cos we don’t have to pretend to be sick anymore – clever eh?

Dad says we have to go back to class next week – he says we’ve paid in advance so we’ll finish the course whatever happens – back to Plan A and B and even plan, whatever comes after B…….

Thanks ever so much

Yours gratefully

Blue and Lou

6 Responses to “Dog Blog: Dear Baxter and Muttley…..”

  1. Lesley said

    Blue and Lou
    Your Mum might have a ‘rain’ because she was drinking something that upset her like my Mum does. Best of luck in getting out of classes and we will see if we can find out what comes after plan B in case you need more help.
    Fletcher and Floyd

  2. indigodream said

    Dear F & F, it’s so good to have some extra dog brains on the case – mum says our brains are the size of a walnut – is that big?

    Mum also says that tea has never given her a ‘raine before πŸ™‚

    Blue and Lou

  3. mickeys dad said

    When we got Sam we took him to training classes, as he hadn’t seen other breeds of dog he was scared and hid his head so no one could see him, when we took him on to the floor he had a dreadful limp so we sat down again and rubbed it better, after a little while we decided to try again, the limp was still there but this time in a different leg, he had forgotten which leg was ‘hurt’ so Blue & Lou you have to remember which leg to limp on otherwise you will look stupid.

  4. Matilda Rose said

    OK guys, so you got out of class tonight ’cause your mum wasn’t well. This is not what you want as she won’t pay you the proper amount of attention and cuddles. What we’re looking for here is permanent exclusions and asbo’s. You’re just too soft and not worthy. Hope mum’s better though.
    Love Baxter & Muttley

  5. indigodream said

    To all our doggie friends, you’re all so wise – we got our comeuppance BIG TIME today – we overdid the whole acting pathetic thing and mum took us to the V-E-T – hoooowwwwwl!

    Now I’m on lead-only exercise coz I’ve got a bad back and Lou’s got, well, everything, could be her knee, her elbow, her tummy or her kidneys! The vet said he needed a bit of Lou’s wee (vets are weird!)so Mum chased Lou round town with a sample pot – how undignified! Lou held out as long as she could but mum had a mad gleam in her eye so there was no going back to our duvets ’til the evil deed was done!

    At least Lou got some interesting painkillers so now she’s fast asleep with a big grin on her face…..

    Mum still has a ‘raine – can’t imagine why πŸ™‚

    Blue the unworthy…..

  6. Our dog is old and deaf. I don’t have to shout at him any more when he plays up because I know he cant hear me, much more relaxed.

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