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Boat Blog: by our favourite guest blogger…..

Posted by indigodream on 8 February, 2010

Husband? Check. Greyhounds? Check. Narrowboat? Check.

So many crew and so much water! The flight was full to overflowing.....

Fantastic, Greygal is back in action and ready to go. But hang on a sec, what’s this? The husband is half a foot taller and bearded. The dogs are no longer Susie, Miffy, Monty, Arthur and Ranger but Lou and Blue. And the flipping boat’s turned blue. Oh no, hang on a sec, panic over – I’m on my Southern floating residence, not my northern one. That means I’ve got fed up of waiting to return to Sowerby Bridge and, in desperate need of a cruising fix, I’ve thrown myself upon the mercy of my good pals and fellow grey lovers, Sue and Richard of Indigo Dream. Phew, glad that’s sorted. And what a Saturday it was! Richard’s cunning plan meant a 10am pick up for me and A from the Fox pub at Hanwell, a quick drive back to the Black Horse moorings and a prompt get-away after the usual round of kissing and fussing (the dogs, that is). The idea was to end up at the Fox for a late lunch, allowing me and himself to fulfil a (yawn) work obligation later in the afternoon.

Greygal and the greys....

Now if you’re expecting one of Sue’s fabulous travelogues, you’re going to be disappointed because I don’t really remember much. There was lots of talking, lots of coffee being drunk, loads of choccie digestives being hoovered up, and I seem to recall taking the boat down through Hanwell Locks without incident – always a boon, that, particularly when it’s someone else’s pride and joy. Suffice to say that it was an epic few hours in the company of people (and dogs) who are truly simpatico – generous and friendly hosts, knowledgeable boaters, grey aficionados, my latte cup really did runneth over. A fine lunch at the Fox rounded off the perfect day in my book – think it was the sticky toffee pudding that did it. Thankfully, my fellow diners thought it would be impolite for me to go it alone in the dessert stakes so A followed up his sausages with chocolate sponge; Sue’s gammon had a banoffee pie in its wake; and Richard thought the New York cheesecake would fill the hole left by his burger. The dogs – so quiet and well-behaved  it made me immediately want to enroll mine in Good Citizen classes – were rewarded with four tasty if slightly small sausages. I’m not sure it was enough to get them out of their high dudgeon though  – someone who shall remain nameless had forgotten to bring their sheepskins so they were having to rough it on the floor on blankets! I ask you…the indignity…

I just wish I could have slowed the day down a bit, it was all over way too soon. But there are mutterings and plans afoot – could this be the year of the great greyhound meet on the banks of the Leeds & Liverpool? Could this be the year of the mini-Mersey convoy? Could this be the year when we actually volunteer to make the coffee? Watch this space.


There's a big bird's nest at the top of this transmitter. A (who knows about these things!) reckons it would be nice and warm up there.....

Always something new to see on the houseboats at Bulls Bridge - I'm sure this boat had a toy gorilla hanging there last time - the pheasant looks a lot more tasty!

4 Responses to “Boat Blog: by our favourite guest blogger…..”

  1. Lesley said

    Welcome back Greygal!

  2. Greygal said

    Thankee kindly Lesley. Could I just say that the photo of moi looks like I’ve totally put back all the weight I lost last year – is that some kind of cruelty lens, Richard? Or maybe it was because I was layered up a la Michelin man against the cold. Or maybe that’s what scoffing half a pac of digestives does for you. Bugger.

  3. indigodream said

    No no no Greygal, you looked fabulous – it’s just the layers, honest!

    Next time I’ll stand next to you and everyone will be able to see how slender you are…….

  4. Matilda Rose said

    Nice to have you back Greygal, we’ve missed you

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