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Archive for February 13th, 2010

Boat Blog: Yet more DIY

Posted by indigodream on 13 February, 2010

Wednesday 10th & Saturday 13th February

This is a boat log entry so not very exciting!

Richard popped in to the boat on Wednesday just to check her out and adjust the heating for the forecast cold weather. We’ve been running it for one and a half hours a day – just enough to keep everything frost free and maybe help with the condensation. Running the heating took the batteries down to 65% by Saturday; running the engine quickly bought them back up to 98% and now the heating’s set for every other day. The condensation seemed a little better this week – the cabin bilges were damp but not wet enough to hoover out.

On Saturday Richard did a morning’s DIY. A few weeks ago, a local joiner took one of our panels away in order to install new cupboard doors. The job’s finished but we haven’t arranged a time for delivery yet. This is working to our advantage as Richard now has great access to the wiring panels inside the cupboard.

Today’s job was to finish installing some new ceiling lights to illuminate the stairwell and back cupboards. It’s one of those irritating jobs that we’ve been meaning to do for ages. It’s another hangover from our build – the stairwell under the back hatch didn’t have any lighting so when returning from the pub on a dark night you’d have to stumble down the stair and walk 10 feet down the boat before reaching the first light switch. Now, after today’s efforts, we can open the hatch, reach in and turn a light on before tackling the stairs – brilliant!

I have to admit that the BSS work has done us a favour – it MADE us take down panels that we’d otherwise never have bothered with, so we’ve been encouraged to mop up all these other jobs while we have access to the wires and whatnot.

I will chase the joiners next week – it’s time to put Indigo Dream back together again and get tidy. It’s not so many weeks now before we’re off on our 2010 odyssey, though we’ve not decided on our route yet. Our cruising plans may be hampered by work – I have been offered some training work up in Scotland which means I’ll have to swap the boat for a plane. My potential client asked whether I’d be willing to work every weekend for a few months – ah, no, I don’t think so….. 🙂

Richard came home just in time for the Wales/Scotland rugby match – my cousin and I texted each other throughout with gloomy musings about wooden spoons when a total miracle happened in the last 10 minutes -maybe I won’t have to cringe through this year’s 6-nations after all……

Local Snippet….

My latest mission was to find out more about the factory that wafts the enticing curry aroma across the canal. I found this very interesting photo which gives the names of the main business on the industrial park that essentially surrounds the moorings. So now I know that the curry aroma is wafted about by Spurway Foods. Interestingly, I found out the aromas from the factory have caused less delight in the past – in 2005 the company was apparently the subject of an odour abatement notice!

A quick search on the net show that they specialise in ethnic snacks such as samosas and bahji’s – most of the articles relate to their state-of-the-art packaging machines. I haven’t found out much about which ‘brands’ they produce but apparently they do produce snacks for some of the supermarkets. One of the articles hinted that they make ‘Taste the Difference’ Samosas for Sainsbury’s so I’ll have to check that out next time I go shopping! I did find out that Spurway are part of a much larger concern – the Kerry Group but I’ll stop there – the machinations of international business do my head in!

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