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Archive for February 25th, 2010

Boat blog: a few visits…

Posted by indigodream on 25 February, 2010

Severely boring post (though not to us, of course!) – you have been warned…….:-)

Thursday 18th February

I went up to visit the boat today – it should have been exciting as I was expecting delivery of our new panel/cupboard door. As it happened it was a bit of a saga!

The boat had been fine on her moorings. We have new neighbours – there’s been quite a transit since the ice cleared away. I must thank passing bloggers who’ve been kind enough to post pictures of Indigo Dream on the moorings – it is very reassuring (well, it has been so far, pictures of her on fire or sunk may have a different impact!).

The batteries were down to 64% with the central heating running every other day. I ran the engine for an hour and brought them up to 75%.

At 10.30am the joiners arrived with the new panel – it looked very good – they’d made a totally new panel using the old one as a template (I’d expected them just to adapt the old panel). The new one was lacquered to a perfect colour match and the workmanship looked excellent. They’d made the cupboard doors wider and replaced the tall narrow single door with two short wide doors as per spec, BUT they’d left a horizontal panel between the two doors which split the opening into two, which was NOT what we were after. Luckily I spotted the problem before they’d carted it all the way down the muddy towpath!

I uhm’d and aah’d for a bit as to whether we could live with this design (it did look good) but decided to send the panel back for adjustment – we really do want a wide, tall opening with a ‘stable’ door. It wasn’t really their fault – something’s been lost in translation between what I explained, what the estimator understood and what the joiner actually made.

Of course now I’m worried that my latest explanation will be misinterpreted as well, so watch this space for the next installment…….

Sunday 21st February

It was Richard’s turn to visit the boat today to check the batteries and continue with the DIY. He’s done really well this year – the BSS has been a real motivator for snagging these ‘behind the panel’ niggles. The boat was very cold when he arrived – the central heating control had slipped off the top of the header tank (which we’ve been using as its temporary home while the cupboard door panel’s being fixed) and a connection had come loose. So, the central heating hasn’t been on since Thursday, fortunately there doesn’t seem to have been any frost damage. He fixed the connection so hopefully the heating will be coming on this week, though the forecast here looks to be rain rather than frost. The batteries were at 76% – 1% more than when I left them on Thursday!

Richard did one of those heroically fiddly jobs today – re-labelling the spaghetti junction of wires inside the electrical cupboard – the old masking tape labels were disintegrating. What a job well done – so much easier to copy from existing labels than re-identify the whole lot later!

Now that we’ve taken one panel down we’re storming. Today he took down a panel to investigate the wiring to the TV/DVD.

He’s come up with a new schedule of works for any DIY on board – week 1: investigate the job; Week 2: obtain parts; Week 3: complete the work. Works for me – in previous years our schedule has been – Step 1: list jobs; Step 2: go cruising instead!

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