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Archive for March 6th, 2010

Boat Blog: Ropes Stolen; panel delivered….

Posted by indigodream on 6 March, 2010

Saturday 27th February

Richard went up for a bit more DIY today. Sadly we’ve had an incident on our otherwise trouble -free moorings at Black Horse – both our centre ropes have been stolen – grrrrr!

We suspect that it’s pirates a rogue boater (possibly a cruise-by theft) as there aren’t any kids’ rope swings hereabout (unlike at Banbury last year). Nothing else was taken but we’ve put the contents of our deck lockers inside and will be investing in a few more padlocks.

Honestly, can you believe some people – we’re very cross indeed…….

Saturday 6th March

Richard went up to the boat for an exciting assignment on Thursday – our new panel had arrived. We are very impressed – Richard tells me that the panel looks great and they did a thorough job of fitting it. They didn’t charge us extra for re-doing the panel that I rejected a couple of weeks back – that’s pretty decent considering it was as likely to be my poor explanation as their lack of understanding.

With the new panel fitted and fine, we can recommend Balken in Greenford – they’re a family firm and very pleasant to deal with (as well as being skilled joiners).

Richard went back to the boat on Saturday to do a bit more DIY, set the Webasto for the next cold snap and put some of the other panels back. He’s also started to put the loose panels back on so that Indigo Dream looks shipshape for the start of our summer cruising. He’s ordered a new timer for the Webasto – the loose wire problem on the existing timer is a circuit board problem so proving fiddly to fix and it will be increasingly important to have a reliable timer as we start to move out from London.

Luckily we haven’t had any more onboard crime, though Richard has now secured our deck lockers. He’s also ordered nice new centre ropes with a distinctive design, which will hopefully make them less attractive to thieves. At this rate we may end up with having every loose item monogrammed with the boat’s name – after all, we did that with our life-ring because someone nicked the unmarked original!

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