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Boat Blog: Desperate for a cruise….

Posted by indigodream on 17 March, 2010

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March

Richard went up to the boat on Saturday to install our new central heating timer and catch up with a few more jobs. He did not get as far as he wanted to as he spent too much enjoyable time talking to people on the towpath (and needed to rush back to watch the rugby). I had to stay at home to catch up with some outstanding work – if only my clients would pay me for doing nothing! He also serviced the engine, changed all the filters including the extra diesel filters on the engine line. Still on his engine to do list:  Filter on the webasto diesel line, check battery levels (DON’T FORGET TO TAKE A MIRROR NEXT TIME), check all bolts etc are tight, renew the weed hatch seal, give the stern tube its annual 1g of grease, check for water in the base of the tank, check for leaks and DON’T FORGET TO FILL IN THE SERVICING BOOK. Don’t worry he will be quizzed after his next trip but that won’t be this weekend as he is probably off to Ireland for an important work meeting somewhere not too far from Croke Park. Hmmm.

We’re counting down the days to our odyssey now – we’ll probably start out on w/e of the 27th March, just a few days before our permanent mooring comes free – that is very exciting but, as before, we will hardly use it  …

I’ve had a gloomy week – my work in Scotland has been very successful but I find business travel utterly exhausting. I also had the shocking bad news that my aunt died earlier this week after a brief and savage attack of lung cancer.  I vetoed a morning cruise today because I have to drive down to deepest West Wales this afternoon ready for the funeral tomorrow.

But I am desperate for a cruise – the mixture of peace, quiet and fresh air is a balm for all ills….

4 Responses to “Boat Blog: Desperate for a cruise….”

  1. Halfie said

    Sorry to hear about your Aunt, Sue.

    A whole gram of grease, eh? Don’t overdo it!

    I know the “need to cruise” feeling very well. At least you have your own boat to do it on!

  2. indigodream said

    Well it might be 2g! We are very pleased with our Vetus stern tube gland, but after having used a traditional stern tube greaser it still feels odd not to have a big pot which runs out regularly and instead use a small 25g tube which is going to last us for years…


  3. Halfie said

    Oh, a Vetus. That’ll be water lubricated, then. I’ve used a Vetus-powered boat with a thin tube from the weed hatch to the stern tube, and no greaser (none that I could see, that is). How on earth water can be a lubricant I don’t know, but it obviously works!

  4. Carrie said

    Belatedly thanking you for your kind offer of jam! It sounds absolutely delicious. Maybe next time I’m down your way, I could sample some?! It’s true that relying on hedgerows for jam-making, where so many wild fruit are declining, it is a bit limiting, but in a garden, you can grow all sorts of lovely things like greengage and gooseberries and rhubarb and … ok, I’m getting carried away…
    I hope you two do manage a bit of boating. Nothing quite like it for raising the spirits, as you say ! x

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