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Archive for April 13th, 2010

Diamond Day….by our guest blogger!

Posted by indigodream on 13 April, 2010

Saturday 10th April

Grove Lock to Abbotts Langley then back to the Globe Inn…….

The start of a jolly outing......

Hello, Greygal here, doing another blog guest spot. You know when I pop up that I’ve rudely invited myself and Andy along for a trip out on our southern narrowboat. But who wouldn’t want to spend time in such wonderful company? I mean, Lou and Blue are just lovely and we could spend all day fussing them. Oh, and Sue and Richard aren’t bad either….

Anyway, Saturday was the best type of day – you know, the ones that are not planned but just sort of happen. Well, I say not planned….we did have a plan but it was a bit loose, and it was completely derailed by about 11.30. We kept our end of the bargain though, pitching up at 10.30 at the most exquisite mooring spot just above Grove Lock – we’d hardly finished cuddling the dogs when the first lattes of the day were thrust into our hands, along with the exciting news that Caxton and Matilda Rose were just round the corner below the lock and were expected imminently. Now we haven’t seen Lesley and Joe and Graham and Jill in yonks so this was a fab bonus, so there we were, craning our necks, looking for them to crest the lockside…and we waited, and waited…and then we got the mobiles out….and then we had the inevitable conflab…we’ve walked up twice but couldn’t see you….no, we’re here, above the lock, come and find us…you are at the Globe, aren’t you?…yes, we’re at the Grove….no, not the Grove, the Globe…you’re at the Globe, not the Grove…yes, not the Grove, the Globe…it was like something from a bad sit com, readers.

Cue a hasty rejig of the plan, with Richard and I departed to do the car shuffle while Andy and Sue took the boat from the Grove to the Globe. While sad to be missing out on some GU cruising, there was ample compensation in arriving at the Globe ahead of the boat and being reunited with everyone, including the gorgeous mutts Muttley, Baxter, Floyd and Fletcher (the latter two helpfully wearing different colour collars for the hard of memory). It was fantastic to see them all – dogs and humans – looking so fit and well and all still totally head over heels in love with their way of life on the cut. Sue and Andy duly arrived and a very convivial couple of hours ensued, the party only breaking up when we realized that we needed to get a bit of a shift on if we were to complete a mini out and back cruise to the Soulbury Three.

The back deck's perfect for entertaining - you'll see that the people are arranged around the edge - that's because the dogs are in the middle!

The Caxton and MR crew decided to hitch a lift back to their boats around the corner but the prospect of Sue and Richard’s generous hospitality, a gentle pootle in the sunshine doing things they don’t normally do (you should have seen the boys – locking virgins or what!) and continuing the party vibe was too great and so they stayed on board for the duration. As it turned out, the duration was a bit longer than initially anticipated as we missed the first winding hole and had to go onto Stoke Hammond. But no-one cared as we were all having too much fun. And apologies to anyone in the area if we spoiled the peace and quiet of your afternoon – tsk, tsk, such raucous behaviour is so unbecoming….Sadly, all good things have to come to an end and we reluctantly took our leave, but not before lots of promises to come and see everyone again as they head Fens-wards. So by my reckoning that’s three southern narrowboats we’ve got now…

Oh, and if anyone’s ever had a burning desire to know just how many bodies you can get on a cruiser deck…eight humans and six dogs was our best effort on Saturday. And you wonder why I left my five hounds at home?


Oh no, I've got confused with my hounds - it's Baxter, or Muttley....

Indigo Dream and Barnacle Bill in a tandem movement at Soulbury three locks....


Four happy hounds.....

F or F? So endearing....


Even the ducks were cute...

The approach to Leighton Lock - Leighton Buzzard has a lot of canalside parkland (as well as a canalside Tesco and other useful services)


Happy days....



Labs are so cuddly!

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