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Getting Ready for a Party

Posted by indigodream on 24 April, 2010

Continuing the series of occasional photographs of what is happening in East London, here is the stadium from a couple of weeks ago:

That is the non-tidal Bow Back on the right, hardly recognisable now

Now that looks like a good place to moor ….

One of the trees towards the end was planted by the Queen assisted by Boris – well I suspect they just threw a shovel full of hygenically prepared topsoil onto the top of the planted tree, I don’t think they got their wellies on! There is a video of the ceremony on the official site but remember that the video is 5 months, progress right across the park has continued since at a stunning pace. I am sad that there are confidentiality agreements which mean that people cannot triumph their success or explain some of the nitty gritty detail that has been involved. Yes as with any major project, there are things I try not to think about look but there is a remarkable story here of what has actually been achieved in such a short time for about the same as a year’s bonus payment in the City or the cost of a failed IT project…

One Response to “Getting Ready for a Party”

  1. Ken and Lynda said

    Hello Indigo Dreaming

    We’ve been following your trip down the Nene. Our home mooring is at Peterborough Yacht Club (just passed the entrance to ‘Ferry Meadows’). We have visitor moorings just outside the club house, all boaters are welcome. Bar is open Friday evening, Saturday lunch and evening and Sunday lunch. If you can’t stop, give us a wave as you go by.

    Regards Ken and Lynda N.B. Amarantine

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