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Archive for April 25th, 2010

Technical Stuff: Locking Fuel Caps

Posted by indigodream on 25 April, 2010

An interim update:

We wrote about locking fuel caps before and how pleased we were with our fuelock. It worked well, a slight fiddle but did what we wanted.

Well …..when we filled up a few weeks ago, I tried to open the fuelock, turned the key in both directions but could not get it unlocked. Now I am not sure what went wrong, was it simply not unlocking or was it sticking? It could just be sticking as I managed to open it by resorting to a bit of brute force.

I filled the fuelock up with WD40 and have yet to see if that makes a difference – we have been too busy off cruising!

From a quick google I note that they are not made any more and that a small number of people have had problems. I must admit that I am bit concerned so even if the wd40 makes a difference and it seems to work fine, I am not sure if I will put it back. Hmm better start looking at alternatives (again)……

Another Update:  WD40 did not work well, tried a few things, settled on engine oil which has worked a treat. Lock seems to be working well now and is back on.

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