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Archive for May 9th, 2010

Odds Blog: Almost on holiday…..

Posted by indigodream on 9 May, 2010

Friday 7th May

We had planned for a whole day’s cruising today – no chance! We were so slow leaving the house, then we took a slow detour cross-country to meet up with the star ladies from Greyhoundhomer (which regular readers will know is where we got Lou). I’ve been converting some old woollen curtains that we found in my mother-in-law’s attic into dog-beds for the charity and I wanted to drop off my first attempts to see if they’d be ok. This has been a bit of a project as I haven’t actually touched a sewing machine since I was 13, having vowed then never to touch one again! Charitable thoughts have made me set my emnity aside and apart from trying to trap my fingers under one of the knobs, the machine has been quite forgiving; however no-one apart from the poor rescue greyhounds could forgive the crookedness of my seams 🙂

Anyway, after chatting to the ladies for over an hour followed by a slow meander through the M1 roadworks we didn’t get to Indigo Dream until 5pm – much too late to start the Northampton 17. So, the word of the day os SLOW!

But serendipity struck – no sooner had we arrived than we got a call from Caxton and Matilda Rose who deftly persuaded us to join them for a drink in the Boat Inn in Stoke Bruerne. We had another fabulous evening but as Lesley wisely observed, the rough and ready canalside bar really needs to be extended for greyhounds – maybe by spreading the spit ‘n sawdust into the posh lounge bar.

We had a most convivial evening – the bar’s so small it’s impossible to have a private conversation. This meant that I got talking the owner of nb Canis Major, moored nearby. His dad died in the 1940s, when ‘Mr Canis Major’ was only 4 years old, yet I was amazed at the poignant and vivid memories he has of his dad. By amazing coincidence, his dad was a greyhound trainer – his claim to fame was in training a 1927 derby winnner called “entry badge”

I wonder if ‘Mr Canis Major’ knows about the greyhound-data website? If we pass nb Canis Major on the way back I’ll drop him a note.

We didn’t stay out late – we were knackered and I was half-afraid that we’d never get cruising at all this weekend at the rate we were going. The mooring just after Bridge 2 on the Northampton Arm (it’s the first bridge – Bridge 1 has vanished somewhere!) was very secure but plagued with traffic noise from the nearby A43. Uncharacteristically it bothered me a lot when I was awake but nothing could stop us from falling asleep – we’re exhausted.

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