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Boat Blog: Charity Cruise for Greyhoundhomer

Posted by indigodream on 10 June, 2010

Sunday 6th June (aka the Odyssey Day 22!)

Bridge 111 (Globe Inn) to Bridge 130 (Marsworth – Red Lion pub)

Aggessive swans - this one wasn't letting walkers past her cygnets on the canal till Richard distracted him/her so the swan turned on him before huffing and hissing his/her way back to the water......

We spent the morning de-cluttering and de-cobwebbing!

Today we were welcoming on board Pip and Nick, who came on a charity cruise with us last October and their party of four friends, Norma, Mark, Val and Malcolm. I’ll let the photos tell the story – needless to say we had a fine day in good company cruising through a beautiful landscape AND we have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s raised a bit of money for Greyhoundhomer……

Ooh, I must mention nb Mulciber who were our locking companions today – what great people they are – we thoroughly enjoyed their company. I hope we meet again (not least because Mr ‘Mulciber’ took a shine to Indigo Dream and has asked us to let him know if we ever want to sell her!)

Cruising for charity with Indigo Dream…..

This year we’ve done something different with our charity cruises. We will be offering a ‘fixed’ cruise or two through London later on, but this year we’ve also opened up the odyssey for charity. If you can get a party of five to eight people together (and up to five dogs) then we will arrange a day trip for you wherever the boat is located at the weekend you choose (subject to our not being on the tideway, of course). We’re suggesting a donation of £20 per person (which includes the day trip, lunch and refreshments) with the money to go directly to the chosen charity. We collect for Greyhoundhomer but we are equally happy to support YOUR charity if you’re bringing a group on board. If you’re interested then do get in touch and we can tell you more…..

We should offer a big thanks to our insurers for allowing charity cruises – they are Nautical Insurance Services in Leigh-on-Sea Tel: 01702 470811


Are you having a nice day?

Working party at Grove Lock - we all changed roles randomly and frequently during the day though I don't think we persuaded any of the ladies to go on the helm.....

Cormorant in flight - they're one of my favourite birds, but I'm not a fisherman!

Ladies who lock....

weight training - canal style!

Weight training - canal style!

Thanks for doing all the hard work, Pip......we cruised on and only remembered to pick her up 500 yards later - oops, sorry!

Cruising past Pitstone Wharf...

There's no rest for the workers....

Great mooring by Bridge 130 - it has a useful rubbish point and the Red Lion pub (over the bridge) is charming. We didn't eat there but it looked very promising....

2 Responses to “Boat Blog: Charity Cruise for Greyhoundhomer”

  1. Greygal said

    Mmm, well we could just make this very easy…forget everyone else, we’ll just book you out every other weekend, you can feed and water us, we’ll give you lots of orders, take the helm, drink your beer and steal your dogs, and greyhounds get to benefit by £100 a pop! Much better value than dog sponsorship!!

  2. indigodream said

    Now Greygal, instead of stealing our dogs why not get two more of you own. I’ve always thought you didn’t have enough really…..

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