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Dog Blog: By our guest dog blogger……

Posted by indigodream on 15 June, 2010

Saturday 12th June (aka The Odyssey Day 23!)

Marsworth to Berkhamstead

My southern floating kennel was here - nice, eh!

Hello, this is Arthur here, the guest dog on the guest blog. My mummy is Greygal and the fact that there’s a non-Sue blog post in the offing can only mean one thing: mum and dad invited themselves on board the Indigo Dream yet again. Honestly, they’ve got no shame. However, as I got a day trip out of it, I shouldn’t complain too much. I have to confess, I was a bit worried at first. Whenever I’m split from my pack and put into the back of the wheeled kennel on my own, it means I’m going to the vets – and that usually ends up with me either getting a prick in my leg or a finger up my bottom, both of which I don’t particularly like. Would you? But this time I ended up in a floating kennel, like ours but only better – it has this amazing dog deck at the back, perfect for stretching out your paws and getting in everyone’s way. Plus there were two new playmates to welcome me, Lou and Blue. They were great – they let me eat all their food and didn’t say a word. Well, Lou had a little grumble once but that was because I’d already put my nose in her bowl 108 times and she thought that the 109th was pushing things a tad…

And things got even better. When we set off, we went up some locks and we dogs were allowed out to rummage. We even have our own little dog doors on deck to go through! Now I’m never allowed off with mum and dad when we’re going along – we’re not even allowed out on deck as it’s tiny (though we did all bust out once just to prove that 5 dogs and 2 humans could stand on a trad stern).  But Lou, Blue and I were off at every opportunity and although I’m a bit doddery these days, I was still able to run away at speed from Richard when he tried to put me back on board.

Plenty of room for a hound to stretch out here - got to have a fleece though, those rubber mats are nasty.....

Anyway, we went up some locks with a lovely couple on a boat called Autumn Venture but had to say goodbye to them when we turned down the Wendover Arm. This was quite narrow and reedy and twisty and mum kept wiggling all over the place blaming the fact that she was used to wide canals for her inability to stay in the middle of the cut. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t let us up on deck – she doesn’t want us to know how pants a helmswoman she is. We’re always getting frightened in our floating kennel because there’s lots of banging – now I’ve seen her driving, I’m not surprised.

We had lunch at the end of the arm. I joined in, trying to clean the plates. There was bread and pate and cheese and cake and it was all yummy. Aunty Sue also gave me some roast chicken which was so much better than that processed economy stuff mum gives me. I was hoping that I might be readopted by Sue and Richard as I like them very much and the catering is of a very much higher standard than at home. I might put in for a transfer…

It was quite a hot day so we were very pleased to get into the Tring cutting. It was cool and bosky and as the cut wasn’t very busy, it was really tranquil – I lay down on the fleece kindly provided and had a kip as I was quite tired from all the running around and eating that I’d done. I wanted to get ready for supper – plus there were rumours of a Chinese

Oh oh, dad's on the helm - I'll just keep my eyes shut for a minute.....

takeaway for the humans, so I needed to be on top form if I was to avail myself of both kibble and chow mein. While I was snoozing, I did hear mention of a roast cow and I thought my luck was really in. But it transpired that they were talking about Cowroast marina – how dreadfully disappointing. The boat headed in for diesel and while Richard did a self-serve, we dogs went for an on-lead rummage but we were all so shattered that we just collapsed on the grass and refused to budge. Thankfully, by the time we tied up in Berkhamsted, we had recovered and I was once again feeling ravenous. Apparently, I have this disease that makes me hungry all the time. Mum says she’s got it too so I better make sure she doesn’t nick my pills.

Aunty Sue made me my dinner but I had my eye on the bigger prize. Richard and mum went off to do the car shuffle and were reckless enough to delegate the task of choosing the takeaway to Sue and daddy. They pored over the menu and rang  in the order – honestly, it would have been quicker to tell them what we didn’t want and I could hardly contain my excitement as I knew there’d be loads….and humans never finish a Chinese, never. Well, you can imagine my reaction when I saw Richard coming back with a whole big box

Time for a little nap - rummaging and eating is all very hard work.....

of food! I was very patient though and didn’t take anything until everyone had finished, and I shared with Lou and Blue as well – least I could do given that I’d devoured all their nosh. Then, just as I was trying to get to grips with the prawn crackers, I was put back on my lead and led back to the car – oh no, it was home time! I was very sad to leave my new floating kennel – such an improvement on the other one, and no bossy Susie either! I hope I get to go again. Thank you Aunty Sue and Uncle Richard – it was a lovely, lovely day and you, Lou and Blue are the most welcoming and generous of hosts.

Lots of love, Arthur. xx


Views of Marsworth...

We got to rummage 'offside' here so we didn't get bothered by other dogs - but I thought 'offside' was a bad things when England do it........

Locking with Autumn Venture - they were efficient locking partners, especially with our additional crew....

Jamaican shanty town on the Wendover (offside!)....

That sinking feeling....

We also welcomed Deborah and Stuart on board on Saturday but Arthur didn't notice them because it was me feeding him roast chicken all day! This is Deborah having a good time!

Fulbourne - how great to see her.....

Coming in to moor at Berkhamsted - opposite the football club, on the night of the first England world cup match - not for lovers of peace 'n quiet but there wasn't any trouble (well, not when we left at 9pm anyway!)

3 Responses to “Dog Blog: By our guest dog blogger……”

  1. Greygal said

    Oooh, I’m so handsome! Arthur x

  2. indigodream said

    So you are Arthur, but you’ll notice that we didn’t give you any competition with photos of Blue ‘n Lou!

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  3. Greygal said

    Ah well, every dog must have his day and Saturday was mine! No way my wrinkly self could compete with the pin up girl who has TWO photos in the 2011 Greyhoundhomer calendar!

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