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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 28 July, 2010

Sunday 25th July

Auntie Sue, AUNTIE SUE, my pillow's in the wrong place, can you just put it right.....

It’s been a tirin’ day – first I was at mummy’s, then at Auntie Sally’s, then I had a long trip in the car to Auntie Sue’s – is a lot for a poor hound to take in ‘specially as Auntie Sue says our brains are only as big as a walnut. Is that big? It must be….

I’s stayin’ in Surrey for a few months with my new pack, Blue and Lou – they’s allright. Blue is my cousin or sumfink – his grandad was my great-grandad – we’re handsome ‘Honcho’s’. We done lots of weeing in the garden – I likes that.

Uh, Blue, do you realise you’re as big as a hephalu…..ooh, is that my dinner…..mmmmph mmmmmph – yummy, ooh is that a bit of milk….slurp slurp mmmmph mmph…..

I’s a bit confused coz Blue and Lou go runnin’ around like loonies and I thought I was retired. They said it was a ‘fun run’ – hmmm…. Better go an’ lie on Blue’s bed, or is it Lou’s, and sleep on it……

Monday 26th July

Auntie Sue sez I’m a very good boy – I asked nicely and she let me out for wees – at 5am! Lou forgot that I live here now and did barking. Lou’sย  bottom smells nice – I’s sniffing it but she barked in my ear. I think that’s a good thing, don’t you?

I likes this big water bowl....

We been for a long walk – I got to do sniffing and weeing with Blue and Lou, but I like walking with Auntie Sue – she gives me nice ear rubs. Then we went to the vet to get some new food for Lou, I wonder if it’s as yummy as Blue’s food? I got weighed (31.5kg) and they made a big big fuss of me – we all look so handsome together, though me and Lou are a bit messy coz we had a splosh in the mud. When we got back we all had tripe sticks on the lawn – they’re super smelly and super-yummy. I had a little paddle in the pond. I’s had a busy afternoon so it’s time for a snooze – I like Lou’s bed best so I’ll lay there – she’s got plenty of others……

I’s got to get used to my new routine here – I thought we’d done walking in the afternoon but Richard took us for a big run before bedtime. I got to see a wabbit but it took me a while to work out what it was and I can’t accelerate instantly like the two oldies do. Richard says that now I am on holiday I can get fit again butย  I was reelly tired then – I done sleeping on Lou’s bed and on Lou’s sheepskin which right next to Auntie Sue’s chair, now I’m back on Lou’s bed – it’s super comfy….

Tuesday 27th July

I woz a bit worried coz Auntie Sue had to work today – I thought I was going’ to left all by myself, but is ok, she works in the conservatory. I laid on the grass where she could see me – I’s a nice view. Blue guarded the lounge and Lou guarded the bedroom – is hard work laying down ready to trip up introoders. I’s mainly done sleepin’ today – Blue and Lou sleeps a lot – I’s very good at sleepin’.

We been for a little bobble – there was trees, and a stream and lots of smells to sniff but no wabbits. Auntie Sue does boring walks but Richard might take us for a run before bedtime. I’s back now – I helped Blue and Lou to scoff a little bag of dental biscuits – the vet gave us four free bags yesterday coz I looked so skinny, or was it coz Lou breathed on her? We’s all back in guarding position now – I’s lying under the front window, Blue’s lying by the back door and Lou is upstairs. Me and Blue is a pair, maybe Lou is upstairs coz I’s on her bed – hah, she’s not getting it back ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday 28th July

Is pretty round here - all the prettier for having ME here....

Auntie Sue had to take Blue to the vet – she thought that Lou and me might trash the house when she was out but we just done sleepin’ – we been racing round the garden first thing so we’s far too tired for trashin’. I dun sleepin’ on my bed – is nice; I got lots of beds – my bed, the duvet under the window, the one in the corner, a duvet in the conservatory and a rug in the conservatory, ooh, and two sheepskins – is that enough, I’s not sure….

I’s tried a little bark today – Blue and Lou sez I got a good bark – they showed me theirs – they is so LOUD!

I’s mainly done sleepin’ today – Auntie Sue’s got a headache – I give her a big fuss to make her better so that she can take us out in the car. She says I have to wait for Richard – s’ok, I can do sleepin’. I could run in the big garden, but Blue and Lou said not to bother – there’s only lots of wabbits and squizzles – nothing of interest to us greyhounds…..

I’s well impressed – Blue and Lou have used their amazin’ hypno powers to train Auntie Sue to buy them a hot chicken every time she goes shoppin’. I’s got to learn how they do it ๐Ÿ™‚

We’s all asleep – me, Blue and Lou in a tiny bit of floor – Auntie Sue and Uncle Richard are amazed – Blue and Lou never sleep this close – mind you, we’s all full of leftovers – haddock – yum yum….


I's could get use to this rummaging.....

We's got lots of sniffin' to do....

Me and Lou got quite muddy - she splashed me!

After our rummage we had tripe sticks on the lawn - yum yum....

I's quite happy here, mummy, no need to worry....

It would be really good here if they didn't keep disturbing me with that camera.....

7 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Greygal said

    Yo, Lynx, it’s the Famous Five here. Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday (well, we’ll be the Not So Famous Three then ‘cos Susie and Monty are confined to barracks). So glad you’re settling in so well and good to see you’re not being spoilt at all…hot chickens eh? Sue, Sue, we need fostering, our mum’s rubbish!!!!!!

  2. Wow do you have it made in the shade! And that is by far the biggest water bowl I have ever seen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I forgot to ask: that pic of the dogs in the tall grass is stunning and I’d love to share it on our fan page. If that is ok with you could you e-mail me?



  4. indigodream said

    Hi Neil

    I will email the pic later – it’s not tall grass, its tall oilseed rape – we were surrounded by the pungent smell of cabbages – could be worse, what with three guffing greyhounds!

  5. Nicki said

    Ahhh – thats fantastic – looks like Lynx has settled in really well!!

  6. Neil Corbett said

    Woof. Innit?!

  7. indigodream said

    Dear Mr Neil

    I’d hate for you to think that I was a total chav hound with no grasp of modern grammar, but Auntie Sue told me not to woof posh or I wouldn’t get any sympathy.

    Yours faithfully



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