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Archive for August 5th, 2010

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary (2)

Posted by indigodream on 5 August, 2010

Auntie Sue, AUNTIE SUE, this chair's in my way, could you just move it?

Thursday 29th July

What a life – I’s done all the oosual – sleeping, rummaging round the garden, sleepin’, eatin’, sleeping, going for sniffs and wees in the woods, sleepin, lookin’ for rats in the garden, sleeping. Oooh, did I mention I dun som sleepin’?

Ooh, I dun some fartin’ as well – Auntie Sue is happy coz she says it means I’m a proper greyhound…..

Aargh,  Richard woke me up to brush my teeth – he says I got lovely teeth so ’twas ok.

Friday 30th July

Blue, Lou and Auntie Sue is not mornin’ people – just as well  Richard is up early so I can have a run in the garden. Auntie Sue got up to give me breakfast but Blue and Lou didn’t want any – amazin’. We’s been for a walk – was borin’ – no wabbits or squizzles, tho there was lots of nice smells to sniff and a stream to splosh in. I’s not doin’ sploshing no more coz mud makes my coat dull. Lou’s brindle still looks good when it’s muddy but I’s got to look after me black beauty.

I was settled down on one of me duvets when Auntie Sue bundled us in the car again – ooh, are we going on an interestin’ walk this time? Oh no, it’s  Richard’s office – I’s made to work all afternoon – I’s eaten sosidges, had fuss a off Karolina, then Fred, then Agnieszka, then Renia, had a lay down on a different duvet, then I had to eat bacon and rice. I was hexhausted but then we had another trip in the car to a thin house what wobbles. I’s not too sure about it at all – but then I found my duvet and Blue’s duvet and, best of all, Lou let me share her sofa. I tried my new hypno powers wot Blue and Lou taught me – I’s a genius – Auntie Sue bought me TWO hot chickens – I had to share with the humans and with Blue and Lou but is ok – there was just enuff to go round.

I's liking my garden....

Saturday 31st July

The thin wobbly house is a boat and it moves! We moved lots today – it was all new but I was such a good boy. Blue and Lou asked their friends Arthur, Ranger and Miffy out to play. There were SIX of us on board – I’s ok though – I laid on the duvet right at the front, and the one near the front and the one by the sofa and the one at the back, then there was the sheepskin on the back deck – that was nice – but my favrit is the sofa, I love the sofa, I love Lou – she lets me share the sofa. I’s a lucky boy – Lou don’t share her sofa with just anyone.

We went to the ‘lympics but the track’s not ready for us yet so we could not show that Bolt chappie how to run properly!

We met lots of people today – Auntie Sue says I’m a tart – ‘spect that’s a good thing…..

Sunday 1st August

Today I dun sleepin’ – I’s very tired after the ‘lympics yesterday. I dun sleepin’ on the boat, then sleepin’ in the car and then sleepin’ in the house – I’s very versatile when it comes to sleepin’….

Oooh, we had sardeens for our bedtime snack – I loves sardeens – but one tiny tin between three of us isn’t going’ to keep my coat glossy – come on Auntie Sue…….

I’s been here a whole week now – is ok, am getting used to my new routine and I gets lots of cuddles – if i feels a bit lonely I can cuddle up to Blue and Lou – Auntie Sue is amazed – they never shares beds with each other.

Monday 2nd August

I dun sleepin’ and Auntie Sue roasted a chicken – it was a superior chicken so she and Richard ate most of it – cheek!

Tuesday 3rd August

I dun sleepin’ and we dun a walk – we met two Rottweiler’s – they was a bit feisty but Blue dun a little growl and they scarpered……

I’s met Auntie Danusia – she’s a vet but it wasn’t scary. She loved me glossy coat and me handsome ways – she says I’s very relaxed – I’s very chilled!

Wednesday 4th August

I dun playin’ with a sqweeky duck today – it was fun. I run round and round the field and chucked it in the air, it was well dead when I was done. Lou chased me round the field – was fun – I’s had to run fast tho’. We was all tired after all that runnin’ around so we all laid in the grass and watched Auntie Sue pick blackberries. I don’t like blackberries, I likes chicken and sardeens but Auntie Sue says they don’t grow in my garden – hummph!

Autie Sue watched me after I done running in case I had one of my funny turns, but I was fine.

Now mummy knows I’s allright and that I’s happy to stay here for a bit, I’ll just write my diary when I’s done something hexciting or I’s got pictures of my handsome self to show you – even mummy might get bored o’ hearin’ ’bout me just sleepin’ and eatin’…….


I's looking good in lavender....

Synchronised sleeping....

Wheeee - I's winnin' this race.....

Oooh, wassat?

Busy, busy.....

Blue showing how much space a greyhound really needs on a narrowboat....

Lou likes her comforts as well....

I's not too badly off on the comfort front either....

Me an' my new friend, Miffy. She just fell in the canal - I's gived that a miss!

My foster brother Blue - he's a fine hound....

Look, mummy, I's helping at a lock...

Got to supervise at the locks - Uncle Andy woz watching to make sure I didn't fall in....(or stand on the wrong side of the beam)

Me an' Lou on the prowl...

Look, look, I's at the 'lympics.....

I's having a kip with Miffy and Arthur - wish the Auntie Sue and Auntie Sarah would get their big feet out of the way tho'...

I gets to share Lou's sofa - not many hounds get to share Lou's sofa....

I's let Blue have the sofa for a bit - boatin' and rummagin' is very tirin'....

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