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Archive for August 19th, 2010

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary (3)

Posted by indigodream on 19 August, 2010

W/c 9th August 2010

It been a bit odd here this week – Blue’s gone and left me all by meself with Lou,  and Auntie Sue’s been leaking all over the place. I got lots of hugs so it was ok. Cor, that Blue was too lively for a hound – me and Lou can have lovely snoozes now and we don’t have bark at no-one, not the postman or the Tesco man or anyone reely. Auntie Sue says she’s got to buy extra locks now that she’s lost her guard dog…..

Me goin' past the O2...

Anyhoo. I was writin’ to say that I been past the Houses of Parliment and asked Prime steak Minister Cami-knickers for better welfare for greyhounds – I mean, look at that photo of me bed at Auntie Sue’s – that’s never big enuff……

Oh, I dun the O2 and the Thames barrier as well – I’s been busy.

w/c 16th August

Auntie Sue says that me an’ Lou are only good for eatin and sleepin’ – d’oh, we’re greyhounds!

We had visitors today – was hexciting an’ I got a lot of fuss. Auntie Sue though I might like to play with her cousin’s son – he’s 12 and likes dogs and I’m used to having kids around. But I was too busy lyin’ on Cousin Denise’s bed when no-one was looking – it was super-super comfy. After that I dun guarding the chinese takeaway – tha’s worth stayin’ awake for.

Me and Lou had some big races round the field – I won coz I’s young and fast, but Lou cheats! She cuts the corner and runs me down – tha’s not fair. I got attacked by a bramble – I told Auntie Sue that I didn’t like blackberries. Auntie Sue had to rescue me coz I was whimpering – she says I’m a big wuss – ‘spect that’s a good thing. She picked a few thorns out of me coat and I had to have some chinese takeaway to calm me nerves.

Look, look, call that a dog bed?

I dun some re-arrangin' - that's better....

I's got a place on the back seat now but I's not sure how to get comfy....

Lynx on the Links!

Ready to T-off (whatever that means - we just do runnin' and ....)

Lou goes in the deep end but I just likes to dip me toes....

Lou and Monty have got the sofa but I'm not toooo uncomfortable....

I dun the tourist stuff - this is me with that big clock...

Oi, Mr Cami-knickers, better welfare for greyhounds, woof!

Auntie Sue pulling me ear off! Not really, just a nice rub for being such a good boy....

Greyhound welfare - don't forget.....

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