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Dog blog: Lynx’s Diary (6)

Posted by indigodream on 13 September, 2010

From 1st September


I's so fast I's just a blur - Lou's quick for an old girl tho...

I's dun cleanin' the ice-cream pot....

I’s had to have lots of sleep after me holeedays – it was hexhaustin’

Is had a bit of hexcitement last Wednesday – we went to a greyhound kennel and got lots of fuss then we had a walk with a big black boy called Ty. Then Ty got in the car and came home wif us! Auntie Sue said that she knows I was quite new, but would I mind looking after Ty, who’d had a big fright and needed a brave boy like me to show him how to behave.

“Well, oh course, Auntie Sue”, I sez – I’s got me paws well under the table here – me and Lou will show him what’s what. I was pleezed – Is not the bottom of the pack no more, I’s the middle, is a BIG promotion.

Auntie Sue bought us some new toys, by us I means me, I got a squeaky pheasant and a squeaky lamb frisbee – I’s running fast round the garden, I’s chucking me toys in the air, Is beating all the other dogs – wheee, look at me…..

I’s runnin fast chucking me pheasant round and I see Lou in hambush at the top of the garden steps – she’s sneaky like that so I tries to stop – ow ow ow, I’s run into the garden wall – ow ow ow – I’s cut my foot and grazed my leg. Auntie Sue was a bit worried becuase she thought I’d reely hurt me toe but it didn’t need stitches or anyfing. I’s on anitiotics, well, I’s on cream cheese and ham, with antibiotics in the middle – yum yum.

I woz feelin’ a bit sorry for meself and left the loony runnin’ around stuff to Lou and Ty. But not for long……

Ty’s bin following me round, doin’ what I do and weein’ where I wee – is only nat’ral then that he cut his foot like I cut my foot. But he needed stitches – Auntie Sue sez he was such a brave boy at the vet – they loves him there.

I’s feeling a lot better now and woz lookin’ forward to some chasing but Ty’s got this big bandage on his foot (hasn’t stopped him tho’) and now Lou needed a sed-at-ive this morning for a routine test at the vet so she’s fast asleep! An uncle Richard and Auntie Sue has headaches so we’re having a quite Monday at home – tha’s ok – Auntie Sue’s been out for hot chickens so we’s all full of food and slumped out on our duvets….

Lou is a real hexpert when it comes to cleenin' ice cream pots...

I grins when I'm sleepin'.....

I likes lyin' in the garden...

Auntie Sue sez I got the silliest ears....

Remember 'spot the ball', well this is 'spot the sausage'.... We have to work so so very hard when we have a day in Richard's office.

Here's one with the ballistic sausage...

There is so much to learn about office life. Extracting the sausage from the sandwich - is delicate surgery - I might accident'ly eat some bread...

I loves me new squeeky toys...

Auntie Sue, I think there's a rat in the compost heap - I sure I saw'd it...

Lou in the long grass (1) - she don't let me have any other girlfriends so better make the best of it....

Lou in the long grass (2)

Lou in the long grass (3) - this is Auntie Sue's favrit...

you_should_not_see_this_text. It_is_just_here_to_con_wordpress_into_giving_me_a_blank_line_and_stop_photos_displaying_funny

and some more of me showing how speedy I am:

Lou's a canny runner - here she comes....

The chase is on - wheeeee!

3 Responses to “Dog blog: Lynx’s Diary (6)”

  1. Nicki said

    Awwww – what a bunch of happy happy hounds!! They are all just fabulous!!

  2. indigodream said

    They are certainly making the best of their retirement – Lynx and new foster dog Ty are quite the pair! Ty is also a writer so his diary will be up soon……

  3. Anne said

    What an uplifting read – just what I needed after a hard day at college – look forward to meeting Ty…….such fortunate hounds!

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