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Dog Blog: Ty’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 14 September, 2010

Note from Sue: Ty is foster dog No. 2. He was born on 25thAugust 2005, started his racing career as Garryglass Tyson in Newbridge, County Kildare,  his last race was in Romford in March 2009. We don’t know what he did for the next 17 months but we know that he was re-homed on August Bank Holiday (this year). We took him in on Wednesday after he’d been returned to the kennels which must be a very scary event for a dog. He’d had an extremely fearful reaction to some fireworks and seemed a bit scared of men – mind you who wouldn’t be scared of Richard suddenly looming at the door…..

Our aim over the next couple of months is to build up his confidence, tackle any noise phobia and get him ready for rehoming. We think he is a great dog, loads of personality to come out, it is so sad that his first home did not work out.  Our amateur diagnosis picked up a fear of men, strangers, anything new, confusion (what is happening to me now, am I going to be safe here?) and maybe a tiny bit of aggrophobia. I think that Lou and Lynx, being so calm, will show Ty the way forward, in fact they already have – it has been a delight seeing how he is changing every day.

We’re great fans of Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer – some don’t like his methods but he does talk a lot of common sense when it comes to rehabilitating dogs. One of his mantras is the division of the three basic dogs needs – exercise (50%), discipline (25%) and affection (25%) – Mr Milan reckons that humans tend to give 100% affection and that’s the root of many dog behaviour problems. With that in mind, Ty has been on long walks with Lou and Lynx – with me in the afternoon and with Richard after dark; he’s also had lots of rummages round the garden – initially we had to take him round the garden on the lead but he’s getting increasingly confident and is now going out by himself. As for 25% affection – well, it may be a tad more (!) but he has had plenty of time by himself to wander around and discover things for himself – we’ve definitely had to discipline him gently – that lovely comfy double bed upstairs is definitely ours!

This post is just a brief diary of our first few days with a new dog in the house – one who came from kennels. We forget, in the intervening years, the work involved in getting a hound settled so I thought I’d keep a note of Ty’s thoughts on his first few days…..

I'm Ty and I'm being a brave boy - see this is me outside hexploring.....

Wednesday 8th September

I’m a BIG black greyhound and whatever Lynx says about me, I’m NOT a big wuss. Big wusses don’t win big races – here’s a video of me going quick here, I am easy to spot as the handsome one in the red jacket.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a new home, I woz all happy, but last Friday  there woz all fizz, bangs and whizzes all over the place. I’m reely scared and I finks “Better not go out again, ever, ever, ever – what if them fizz bangs start again, and wot about them other things that make a noise”. It was no good, I had go back to Auntie Pat at the kennels and she said I could live with Auntie Sue for a while – is like a luxury hotel for hounds – I needs lots of TLC.

I met my new foster sister Lou yesterday and my foster brother Lynx – we gots on just fine so Auntie Sue took me back to the countryside. Was a bit scary – birds tweeting in the trees and flappin’ their wings an’ I was soooo hungry – I had to try to steal Auntie’s Sue’s dinner so she’d get the hint! Lynx said “don’t do that, just use your hypno powers” – I dunno if I got hypno powers, but Auntie Sue did feed me so maybe I does. I had a big sleep after dinner – Auntie Sue was happy – she sez if I can relax enuff to sleep then it’s not so bad.

Auntie Sue’s house smells of other boy dogs, so I had to have a few wees just in case she forgot that I was here. She says if I want somethin’ I just needs to give her a nudge with me long nose – weein’s a bit OTT.

D’oh, I got so much to learn.

Thursday 9th September

Auntie Sue says I’m like Goldilocks – there’s lots of dog beds in the house and I had to lie on every one before I could find the right one. I had a little grumble – I’m NOT some little girly girl – I’m a big boy hound –  “prove it” says Auntie Sue. Huh, she don’t understand! She did let me out for wees at 12.30am, Lynx came out wif me so that was hokay. I needed the toilet later as well but Auntie Sue was fast asleep so I ‘ad to go on the floor. I was well worried, I thought Auntie Sue might send me back to kennels. But she just give me big cuddles and showed me where the doggie loo was outside. Auntie Sue says I got to tell her when I needs to go, and she needs to learn my ‘signals’. She sez that all it takes is a little time. They was well-prepared – Richard had been to the shops to get lots and lots and lots of kitchen roll, and floor cleaner and ‘odour eliminator’.

I found the loo - in the garden - bit primitive....

I woz relieved, so when Auntie Sue went back to be for a lie-in I showed her how happy I was – I dragged some knickers out of the dirty linen basket and played with them on me bed an’ then I though it would be fun to pull at the curtains – they was hangin’ there at nibbling height, fluttering about, got to be a toy just for me. Auntie Sue thought not, so I’s just dragged me big fluffy blanket right close to her side of the bed and had a big sleep.

I had a day at home today – getting to know my turf, well, is not mine reely. I’ve tried me big hound act on Lou but she’s def’nitely the boss! I ‘ad breakfast, then a snooze, then I ‘ad a run around, then I ‘ad a long sleep, then I ‘ad a run, then another long sleep. I always wake up when cars go by but there’s not many here – is nice and quiet, apart from those pesky tweetin’ birds!

Auntie Sue went out today – she said “try not to destroy anything while I’m out” – no way, I woz too busy chewin Richard’s slippers to be bothered with trashin’ the house. Lou and Lynx told me to chill out – Auntie Sue woz going to Pets at Home so we woz in for treets. We woz all barkin’ when we heard the car come back – it was so hexcitin’ I forgots to be scared and ran out the door say ‘hello’ and stick me nose in the car boot. Then I remembered to be scared and went inside, then I forgots again coz Auntie Sue had a squeaky pheasant and  a squeaky lamb frisbee thing. I chucked me toys around – not in a girly way, I’m a big macho dog, even if Lynx did nick me squeaky lamb and Lou got the pheasant ‘ventually.

Just as well I had big snoozes – we went to dog-training this evenin’. I was a weeny bit scared but not much – there was other dogs and lots of words like “come here” an’ “stay” and “wait” – no idea wot they mean but Auntie Sue sez I’ll soon learn.

Friday 10th September

Me an Lou - she's showing me round the best smells....

Auntie Sue had go out wif Lou this morning’ so me and Lynx had a  boy’s rummage – we’s had a good look in the dog trainin’ bag an’ found our sheepskins and some chews – was fun, but not as much fun as chewin’ Uncle Richard’s boot…

Then Auntie Sue comes in, I danced around and around ran out the door wif me best pal Lynx; then Auntie Sue got the toys out and I had a mad moment runnin’ around and chucking me squeaky lamb in the air. Then I fell in the pond – not the one wif the pirhanas – the one that’s all green an’ looks like grass. “Ha Ha Ha”, I thought, it was great fun and when I comes out I woz all green as well. I ‘ad a good shake and duckweed went flyin’ everywhere. I’s a happy hound.

I’s still having a bit of trouble workin’ out where the toilet is – they’s very old fashioned here – the dog loo is in the garden! I want ensuite – I deserves ensuite – I knows coz I bin watchin’ ‘escape to the country’ on the telly…..

After all that hexcitement I had to have a big sleep, but the postman disturbed me with a hooge henvelope which went ‘flump’ onto the floor. Then Auntie Sue got the ironing board out – it looks like a big scary insect monster. Lynx says I’m a bug wuss and I don’t take that sort of cheek from no-one so I laid on his bed where I could keep an eye on the monster – I bet that Auntie Sue is so relieved that I’m watchin’ the beast an’ keepin’ it under control for her….

We get to go for lots of walks – we went for a bobble in the woods with Auntie Sue, then Richard took us for a big run after dark. There were wabbits and I had some off lead runs but I am not to tell Auntie Sue that I was off lead, so let’s keep it a secret, ok?

You know Auntie Sue sez I’m like goldilocks? Well, the best bed is Auntie’s Sue’s bed and the best food bowl is Auntie’s Sue’s bowl 🙂

Auntie Sue sez I’m a different dog today – she’s daft, I’m still Ty!

Me on my first big walk - I'm looking at the sheep - do I like sheep Auntie Sue??

Saturday 11th September

I had a whole dry night! Auntie Sue, don’t tell everyone, it makes me sound like a big baby!

And she calls me “Cuddle-bunny” – aaw, that’s all me street cred….. ooh that’s the spot Auntie Sue, just to the left…. yeah, my street cred gone……ooh not that ear the other one…….where was I, yeah I’m a big macho…..Aaah, I’ll just lean on you so you can reach my tummy……

We had hooman visitors today – Richard’s mummy came to stay – I woz a bit scared but Lou sez that Richard’s mummy gives the best fusses; then Richard’s sister came – she’s a vet, uh oh! I woz even more scared an’ went upstairs for a bit. But Auntie Sue was cooking lamb, oooh oooh oooh, it smelled so good, I ‘ad to go down for a look and I got lots of fuss and lots of food then I wosn’t scared no more.

Sunday 12th September

Auntie Sue is so happy, just coz I been out in the garden all by myself, an’ I had a big rummage wif me pals Lynx and Lou. Get a grip Auntie Sue, I woz just doin’ wot a big macho dog does…..

I woz macho at the vet too – I cut me foot and had to have some stitches without being knocked out – I dun exactly the same as me foster brother Lynx. He cut his foot and gets ham ‘n cream cheese with some crunchy tablets thingies – I thought “I got have me some of that” – the big blue bandage wosn’t so good but that’s be gone by tomorrow….

Monday 13th September

I had another dry night – Auntie Sue is very happy!

Lynx an’ me are not s’posed to be runnin’ coz of the cuts on our feet and now Lou’s banned from walks becoz she had a sedative at the vets’ – is all very quiet an’ peaceful here…..

Auntie Sue bought Lou some hot chicken – me and Lynx ate lots as well – was yummy.

Tuesday 14th September

Auntie Sue sez I’m banned from watching ‘Escape to the country’ on telly – she sez the garden is an ensuite loo for dogs – I can’t have an ensuite indoors – even she and uncle Richard don’t have one of them! Uh oh, is hard, I though you could believe everything you saw on the telly.

I am a morning dog – when Uncle Richard gets up at 6.30am I’m so pleased I got to do dashing about and spinnin’ and chucking me toys in the air and poking me cold nose under the duvet to give Auntie Sue some big kisses – “go  back to bed” she sez – “but why Auntie Sue” sez I “is time for playin’ – Uncle Richard’s been awake for ages”. Autie Sue’s not very good at playin’ in the mornin’ but she did get up and give me a BIG breakfast so I forgive her……

I am happy here tho’ – I dun runnin’ around, and rummagin’ and puttin’ me head in the bin an’ shoes, I loves shoes – they smell so good – I ot quite a collection in me bed now. Lynx can have the queeky toys – give me shoes…….

Note from Sue: Ty is doing very well – as he gains his confidence we’re getting glimpses of a BIG personality – affectionate, playful and just a bit mischievous – it will be great to see how he develops over the next few weeks. Remember, Ty is our foster dog and will be looking for a new forever home in November after Guy Fawkes – if YOU think you’ve got the patience to work with any remaining fears and carry on with his basic training then get in touch with Pat Philpott and her team at Greyhoundhomer….


See the trail I left in the pond...

Glad I didn't fall in the piranha pool tho'....

Lou an' Lynx are teaching me how to rummage....

Lou and Lynx showing me the way...

Me having a rummage all by myself - I'm so brave....

There's all sorts of good smells in the garden - is so hinteresting that sometimes I forgets to be scared....

Me an' my new best friend Lynx - we boys have to stick together....

10 Responses to “Dog Blog: Ty’s Diary”

  1. David said

    I’s so pleezed you’s having a luffly time wiv your Auntee Sue. You’s also being very brave. Me finks I cood show you how to do hinvestigating, I’s very good at it. You looks like you’s got a luffly big garden too. You’s so lucky!

  2. Greygal said

    Come now Sue…drop the pretence that you’re only fostering Ty…you know it’s an unequal fight…just give in gracefully like we did and accept the inevitable…You know you want to 🙂

  3. indigodream said

    David – you is our hinspiration – wish you were here to show us how to hinvestigate and how to do little mischeefs and good boy ears – we needs good boy ears of we’s getting up to mischeef!!!!


    * now, now, we don’t all have to fail as foster parents 🙂
    * I do want to, very much, Lynx and Ty if we could…
    * but no offers until until Ty gets over his shoe fetish and our study stops looking as if it’s been visited by a spinning black tornado…..

  4. Nicki said

    Ty looks beautiful!! He is a lucky lucky boy – and you and Richard are stars!!!! x

  5. indigodream said

    It’s not us that are the stars but Lou & Lynx. And I should not forget Ty, lets face it he has gone from a kennel environment (all he has known for 35 years in human terms), to one house, lots of bangs and upset, back to kennels and then to another house. It is a lot to take in, a human would get counseling.

    So why are Lou & Lynx such stars? A new dog is always going to need a bit of settling down, but we are doing a lot less than people normally have to do thanks to Lou & Lynx allowing Ty into the pack and showing him how to cope with life here. And even better I got to see all three at serious pace running round our pocket handkerchief field this morning before I went to work – too dark for photos sadly but sent me off with a big smile on my face as I had seen Lynx at full stretch, and boy he is serious fast and light footed, even left the youngster Ty behind! C^*p racing career, probably because he can’t be bothered most of the time but Lou coming up behind threatening his right cheek gets him hitting the turbo button every time! I think Lou could have had a post racing career training other dogs to run, though you would need a vet around to stitch the buttocks of all the slow learners.

    Greygal: We are going to seriously try and succeed in this fostering lark.


  6. lesley said

    You are performing a vital role for the benefit of Greyhounds, getting them adjusted and prepared for their new homes despite the cost emotionally to yourselves. Regretably too many well meaning people take on dogs but don’t have a clue about what makes one tick – if you can get your foster charges stable and confident the dog can cope with what life throws at it. Best of luck with the two foster ‘kids’ , I wish you well!!!

  7. indigodream said

    Hi Lesley

    It is emotional – I fall in love with these hounds about 30 seconds after meeting them!

    We do so want to succeed as foster parents though – much as it would be great for Lynx and Ty so stay forever, it would be even greater if they went back/on to their forever homes happy and adjusted, leaving us with room to foster another needy hound at short notice if need be….

    Time will tell – we may yet end up with a pack of 6 like greygal!

  8. I am a huge Cesar Milan fan. His attitude is exactly the same as I was taught as a kid. I watch him, basically, to tune up my techniques. I get a kick out of how 90% of what he does is “fix” the owners, 10% is fix the dogs. (it’s probably 95/5) It’s great to see that you love your dogs so much that you even let them blog!

  9. indigodream said

    At last week’s dog training class I got the comment: Well the dog did well, shame about the handler (and Sue got told off for fidgeting). What percentage is fixing the owner? Are you sure it is only 95%?


  10. Actually, I was being kind to the species that can read!

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