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Boat Blog: Quick update…..

Posted by indigodream on 23 October, 2010

Saturday 23rd October

I still can’t cruise – considering that my little toe is less than an inch long, it’s causing pain out of all proportion to its size! Never mind, it’s no bad thing for me to stay at home as Lou is still grounded by a torn triceps muscle, though she’s recovering quickly after some dog physiotherapy. Lynx and Ty are quite happy to race around our garden/field – we have an infestation of rats (outside) so sniffing them out is keeping the boys entertained. Mind you, they don’t do a lot of racing, they’re mainly happy just to arrange themselves carefully on their duvets and sleep!

Last weekend Richard had a little jaunt with one of his colleagues. They went up the lovely Stort to Bishop’s Stortford and left Indigo Dream there for a week.

But now we really need to get back to Limehouse – it’s that time of year when we can’t take the locks for granted – there’s a November stoppage at Fielde’s Weir Lock. So Richard is having a couple of days on the boat – his plan is to single-hand back to Cheshunt (which gets us well past the stoppage), then we’ll do the last push back to Limehouse at the beginning of November. Richard is enjoying the challenge of single-handing but if you should happen to be walking the towpath that way then do open a lock-gate for him!

Note: The Lee and Stort has very good transport links – the railway runs close to the navigation and almost every riverside settlement has a train station – it’s convenient on all levels, especially for Richard by himself.

I know that Richard has been taking photos so I’m sure a more fullsome account of the Stort will follow….

4 Responses to “Boat Blog: Quick update…..”

  1. Gabrielle said

    Hi Sue, Sorry to hijack your blog but wasn’t sure how else to contact you! I’m Gabrielle, Redhill mum to Suzie (black & cute) and the ever troublesome Stiggy (brindle & even more troublesome than I first thought!) My husband Nick told me how you pulled over the other morning & told him the sad news about Blue. I am so sorry to hear about him and also Lou’s health problems. On a happy note, I’m so proud of your fostering work and if you suceed in handing either one of them over to a new owner, I will be shocked but equally delighted (all fosterers that I have known change their title to “owners”!!) We last met you when we were mid dog whispering! Stiggy has had his issues and soon after we resolved his “barking in the night for a cuddle”, we sold our house & now he wakes through the night as he can feel the vibrations of the goods trains going through the station overnight! Luckily we are just renting and have found a lovely new home on the common with a 195′ garden and with bunny droppings on the veranda, it will be a dream location! Do you still go to dog training? We could really do with teaching Stiggy some manners as he uses his 35kg to barge his way through life! Also we would love to hear more about Indigo Dream, especially as I have just discovered that my ancestors were wharfingers on the Grand Union at Marsworth and Blisworth. It would be lovely to hear from you & perhaps we could arrange to meet up for a walk sometime. Love to your gorgeous hounds from Suzie & Stiggy x Gabrielle

  2. indigodream said

    Hi Gabrielle

    So great to hear from you – I have sent you a rambling email reply but hijack our blog anytime.

    As boating is in your genes, we must arrange a cruise with you and your family – human and canine!

  3. Anne said

    I’m probaly high-jacking your blog too, but just wanted to say that I hope your little toe is mending well and I will be thinking of you all and especially Ty during the firework season – but with a (foster?!) family as caring as you – I am sure he will do well and hopefully there will not be too many wizz bangs where you live.

    With love and regards


  4. indigodream said

    Thank you for your kind thoughts – I’m very fed up with it now. The first week of having to put my feet up was a bit of a novelty but in week 3 it’s just a nuisance – especially when I see the sun and I can’t cruise!!!!

    We don’t get many fireworks and have put ‘operation Ty’ into place with a range of strategies in place ready for the big night. In the meantime, he’s done very well at dog training and won a couple of rosettes (4th in best rescue and third in starters obedience, which I’m particularly pround of!).

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