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Archive for November, 2010

Boat Blog: A few details for the log….

Posted by indigodream on 28 November, 2010

Sunday 28th November

Oh it’s so boring without boating (and blogging), though I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to know that I managed to wear a pair of shoes yesterday for a whole hour, and today as well. That’s the first time since I broke my toe almost 7 weeks ago. Hurrah! Mind you, there’s nothing like frostbite-inducing weather as an incentive to forcing my toes out of sandals and into shoes!

Now I can get back to dog-walking and boating (unless the cold forces me into hibernation under a duvet with the hounds).

I realised that the last boat blog left Indigo Dream in Bishop’s Stortford. But Richard had a heroic weekend of single-handing back on the 6th/7th November and brought her safely back to Limehouse. It was good to have her back in our home mooring before the stoppages started on the Lee and Stort.

Richard also went up to see Indigo Dream on Monday 22nd November to set the Webasto on timer – we’re hoping that running the heating for an hour and a half every day will keep the boat frost-free during the cold snap. We’d normally be worried about the batteries, as the Webasto draws quite a bit of power every time it starts up, but what a luxury it is to have shore power! As long as the diesel holds out we’ll be fine – we’ve got around one-third of a tank (75 litres) and the Webasto burns around 1l per hour so that should see us through.

Conditions permitting, we’ll be taking the boat up to Kingston for Saturday 11th December – we’re off to the theatre and I don’t doubt we’ll do a bit of shopping as well. Of course, Lynx and Ty haven’t had the pleasure of scoffing sausages from the bratwurst stall at the Christmas Market in Kingston yet. We were hoping for a quick run up the tideway, but the long-term forecast is predicting 30+ mph winds so we may have to give that a miss – we don’t mind a bit of mild peril but that’s going too far! Never mind, a little amble along the Grand Union will be grand!

In the meantime, the hounds are thriving in a typically greyhound way – our newly adopted boys are adapting to their new life – they are so joyous and are making the very best of the ‘charging around’ opportunities offered by a large garden full of wild critters. Of course, as a result, Ty has pulled a muscle in his back, Lynx has pulled a muscle in his shoulder and, last night, Lou got bitten by a fox that had got caught up in our fence (we had to cut it loose). So, we’re all back to normal in greyhound terms 🙂

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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 12 November, 2010

Friday 12th November

Well, I’s got big big news –  Auntie Sue is not my auntie any more – she’s my new mummy – and she’s Ty’s new mummy. She sez it woz nice being an Auntie but she’d much rather be a mummy.

Mummy Sue keeps givin’ me and Ty big hugs and sez things like “aharr me proud beauties, you’re all mine now” – no idea wot that means but I’ll put up wif all sorts of nonsense in exchange for a cuddle…..

Is nice bein’ a pack of three, and now Ty doesn’t need to find a new mummy of his own then I can take over the ‘ritin for him – he’s not very literachoory (not like me!) and mummy Sue sez he might be a bit fick.

I’s very clever – I’s passed my bronze good citizen test this week and I got a certificate and a rosette – thats three rosettes I’ve won in just 2 weeks – mummy Sue was very proud. Is ok, as long as she don’t hexpect me to be sitting and doing commands when we’re at home as well.

Big sis Lou is very happy that we’s staying – she likes tellin’ us off and she cheats when we go runnin’ – she pushed me into a flowerbed so she could win our race! S’ok tho’, I’s got a good life here wif me new family…..

I’ll put some happy photos on me blog when daddy Richard has had a chance to download them – mummy Sue doesn’t know how – she’s a bit useless on that score but she’s ok on all the other mummy things like cuddles and ear rubs…..

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