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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 12 November, 2010

Friday 12th November

Well, I’s got big big news –  Auntie Sue is not my auntie any more – she’s my new mummy – and she’s Ty’s new mummy. She sez it woz nice being an Auntie but she’d much rather be a mummy.

Mummy Sue keeps givin’ me and Ty big hugs and sez things like “aharr me proud beauties, you’re all mine now” – no idea wot that means but I’ll put up wif all sorts of nonsense in exchange for a cuddle…..

Is nice bein’ a pack of three, and now Ty doesn’t need to find a new mummy of his own then I can take over the ‘ritin for him – he’s not very literachoory (not like me!) and mummy Sue sez he might be a bit fick.

I’s very clever – I’s passed my bronze good citizen test this week and I got a certificate and a rosette – thats three rosettes I’ve won in just 2 weeks – mummy Sue was very proud. Is ok, as long as she don’t hexpect me to be sitting and doing commands when we’re at home as well.

Big sis Lou is very happy that we’s staying – she likes tellin’ us off and she cheats when we go runnin’ – she pushed me into a flowerbed so she could win our race! S’ok tho’, I’s got a good life here wif me new family…..

I’ll put some happy photos on me blog when daddy Richard has had a chance to download them – mummy Sue doesn’t know how – she’s a bit useless on that score but she’s ok on all the other mummy things like cuddles and ear rubs…..

6 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Sally said

    Wotcher, Lynx.

    Sounds like a good scene you got there. Look forward to meeting up with you one day.

    I got my bronze good cit the other week as well, and my mummy does seem to expect me to do all that stuff all the time :(.

    Never mind, like yours, she burbles on a lot, but comes across with the hugs and rubs and grub, so I love her to bits.

    Big lix


  2. Graham and Jill said

    It’s nice being in pack, everyone wants to stop and pat and cuddle everyone. Look after Sue and Richard,
    Looking forward, in anticipation to meeting you.
    Baxter and Mutley.

  3. Greygal said

    Oi Lynx, you want to watch that Baxter and Mutley – they’re a right pair. We, on the other hand, never put a paw wrong! Ha – if you believe that, you believe anything! So pleased you’ve got yourselves a new mummy – but our mummy did predict that you’d be a pack of three before the year was out, so she must be sykick.

  4. lesley said

    Ty and Lynx
    Kell Supreeze!! (note the best french….) We though this fostering was bit dangerous for a couple of softies like Sue and Richard – We knew that if you kept up the doleful looks and waggie tails you would land on your feet, or at least on the sofa or sheepskin rug. Well done you two and welcome to world of boating, sausages and lots of rummaging for wabbits!
    Fletcher and Floyd

  5. indigodream said

    We’ve been nigh on deafened by the chorus of “I told you so”s – as predicted, we’ve failed spectacularly as foster parents but we couldn’t be happier!

  6. Carrie said

    Talk about falling on their feet! Happy happy times ahead for the whole woofy-human family 🙂

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