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Archive for December 6th, 2010

Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 6 December, 2010

Tuesday 30th November

I’s enjoyin’ bein’ part of a pack – we can get really creeative when it comes to mischif and mummy Sue doesn’t know who to blame so nobody gets the blame – clever eh?

Anyhoo, mummy Sue baked lots of bread last night, it smelled sooo good, and it must have been for us coz she left it to cool right where we could see it, it wasn’t quite in our bowls but I ‘spect that’s where she meant to put it reely. So after she went to bed we sneaked a whole loaf into our favourite bed and we took turns to nibble at the crust – yum yum yum then oooh oooh oooh – me tummy was rumblin’ – must ha’ bin the dog food, couldn’t have been the bread. It was great cos I got lots of sympafy – “poor poor Lynx” she sez “have some of this nice boiled chicken and rice” – har har,har!

But then we got rumbled – mummy Sue rearranged our duvets, WOT, you can’t do that, and out fell this nibbled loaf – uh oh, quick Lou and Ty, put on your “we’ll die of starvation now” look. Good, that worked, mummy Sue looked guilty straight away and made us a doggie bread ‘n butter pudding with the rest of the loaf – it’s got milk, an’ cheese, and eggs and sausage – got to make sure daddy Richard doesn’t steal for his tea!

We’s just had the pudding – it was so lushus – here’s mummy sue’s recipy:

doggie bread 'n butter pudding aka "crime pays"!

Doggie Bread ‘n Butter Pudding

Thinly sliced bread – enough to make three layers of your pie dish
2 eggs
three-quarters of a pint of milk
Handful of grated cheese
Handful of chopped cooked sausage e.g. kabanos, frankfurter

* Grease the pie dish with butter
* Butter the bread – put a layer of bread in the bottom of the dish, buttered side up
* Sprinkle some grated cheese and sausage onto the bread
* Add another layer of buttered bread
* Add another sprinkling of cheese and sausage
* Add a top layer of bread – buttered side up
* Warm the milk gently in a pan or microwave – do not boil!
* Beat the eggs in a large-ish bowl
* Pour the warm milk over the eggs and stir
* Pour the egg/milk mixture onto the layered bread
* Allow to soak for half an hour
* Bake in a moderate oven, 180 degrees centrigrade, for 30 – 40 minutes until ‘set’ and golden brown

Now we’s permanent residents, yous all got to learn how to tell me an’ Ty apart coz we’s both big black hounds. So Lynx, that’s me, is more handsome – obvious innit! I’s got a super-glossy coat, white ‘spectacles’, huge ears, two white paws at the back and two black paws at the front and I’s got a white tip on my tail; Ty is a big bruiser with a cute white stripe on his nose, four white feet and his tail is all black.

Note from Sue:

Shhh, I won’t say it too loud, but Ty has a funny face, like a cartoon dog and, not for the first time, I regret that I can’t draw – I’ve always thought that the ability to draw cariciatures would be so useful. Anyway, this lady can draw and her blog is hilarious –

You may have well come across her before – she has around 2 MILLION hits per month and this post alone drew over 2,500 comments!


Just a few random photos of the hounds having fun – Ty has come on amazingly…

I's Lynx - I likes having me ear rubbed

And I likes the ladies - Miffy's a cutie

Lou and Lynx having a rummage..

Ty having a little strut round the garden...

What's that you're eating Lynx?

Lou blending in with the (pre-snow!) background - doesn't she look fine...

Ty showing us how good his recall is - sometimes!

Lou in flight - she doesn't have her old stamina but she still has some great moments...

Ty is getting the hang of rummaging but then, he is learning from the mistress!

How's that for confidence - Ty having a solo rummage on one of our favourite countryside walks...

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