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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 7 December, 2010

Thursday 2nd December

Brrrrrrr - I've never seen icicles so big....

We’s got snow – lots of snow – I loves it! Look at me, wheeee, I’s charging through, I’s attacking a snow drift, I’s disappearin’ then hexploding out of the snow and it’s going everywhere – I’s a one-dog snow tornado. Come on Ty, come and play! Lou’s barking at me to play but I don’t play wif no girls – come on Ty……

Oof, I’s tired now – where’s my breakfast mummy Sue?

Sunday 5th December

Mummy Sue did whooping yesterday coz the snow is almost gone – she don’t like snow but I thought it was fun to dig in it, an sniff it, an eat it and, best of all, to wee in it and make pretty yellow patterns 🙂

But Mummy Sue woz yellin today – I think I may have been a bit naughty but it wasn’t my fault reely, but no-one believes me! Mummy Sue woz yellin becoz me and Ty was in a fight, but she didn’t know that we’d caught a squirrel. When she yelled, me and Ty stopped fightin’ straight away but then the squirrel attacked Ty and he went runnin’ round the garden yowling because the squirrel had bitten him and woz hanging off his face. Mummy Sue came runnin’ out but the squirrel woz deaded by then and Ty had run indoors. Now, Mummy Sue’s got no hevidence that I started it, but Ty’s got bites all over – some from me and some from the squirrel. I’s got the blame because I’s not hurt at all. Wot do you fink?

Its not fair and I woz a bit sad, but Mummy Sue sez she still loves me, but she’s puzzled coz we boys have  bin very happy together for three munfs now.  In fact, Ty is me best friend ‘cept for when Lou is my best friend…..

Lying snow.....

Ty had to go to the vet and he don’t look like a dog at the mo – he’s got all shaved off bits and they’ve tied stringy bows in his bites and he’s got a drain thing hanging out of his neck – uh oh, Mummy Sue gave me a very nasty look when she came back wif him but we’re all friends reely reely. She cheered up when Ty showed us that he woz well enough to eat so that’s ok.

Lou woz clever – she woz in the house when all this happened so she reely can’t take the blame – just as well coz she’s reely fierce….

Tuesday 7th December

Mummy Sue is still keepin’ me ‘under surveillance’, wotever that means, but me and Ty are best friends again – we always woz, we just had a ‘moment’ and it’s all ok. I duno why Mummy Sue worries so much – she took me to the vet this morning’ in case I had somethin’ wrong with me brain! The vet said it woz just a tiff and I haven’t got anything horrible wrong with me – I could have told Mummy Sue that. Hey, Mummy Sue, if I diagnose meself can I have £28 worth of treats in lieu of the vet’s fee?

Ty’s bin very brave – he’s bobbling around and eatin and smilin’ and looking comfy on his bed – I knew he woz a bit fick – if that woz me I’d be playing the sympafy card for all I woz worth 🙂

Note from Sue:

Bloggers Granny Buttons and Halfie have been having a ‘conversation’ about photographing snow and making sure it doesn’t come out blue and whatnot – it’s very technical and I’m sure very interesting to some. But while I toiled through the snow with the camera I had a more immediate technical problem – how to stop Ty from slobbering over the lens when he came in for a cuddle and how to stop Lynx from ‘huffing’ over the lens when he became curious about my new appendage (the long lens).

Richard would have appreciated some technical advice when he came to downloading the photos – it’s almost impossible to get the settings right when you have startlingly white snow and intensely black greyhounds! He’s brightened up the dark bits of the photos so they looked right on his laptop screen, sadly his laptop is a getting on a bit and spent too much time in his site kit bag so probably a bit on the dark side ….

I also have to report that Ty is doing very well – he’s a cheerful soul and doesn’t seem to have been affected by Sunday’s incident apart from being covered in bites (and associated stitches). The hounds settled back into a quiet life immediately and there are no signs of any dominance issues – phew, I couldn’t bear to give one up if they suddenly found that they couldn’t share a house any more!


Yet more dog photos – there’s no end to them!

The pack - Lynx has the red coat!

Another group photo - it's quite hard to get all three to pose together and look at the lens at the same time...

Lynx the snow demon....

Lynx the snow plough!

The snow was a nice cushion for a bit of hound rough 'n tumble...

Great portrait of Lou....

I know it's off-centre but this is my favourite portrait of Ty (so far) - he just looks so happy!

The snow seemed to energise Lynx - he had such a good time in it...

I just like this photo of Lou and Lynx together....

Yet another group pose...

Lynx has a very endearing way of tilting his head....

And he looks very fetching with a bit of snow make-up...

Ty looking very noble....

This snow make-up is really catching on....

The image suffered from the black dog/white snow contrast but Ty looks too joyful for me to leave it out...

The snow's almost gone now so the toys can come out - this is Lynx in action....

Action shot - and before you ask, we've NEVER had even a hint of a fight over toys or food....

They're so graceful....

Lou's coming to get you boys.....

Lou is the most joyful hound when she's on form....

Time for a rest.....

And they're off again - Lynx often 'invites' the other hounds to chase him...

7 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Carrie said

    I can see how unsettling that incident must have been, to say the least! But I guess it could have simply been a surge of hunter/killer instinct when one had the squirrel. Friendship must have gone out the window for a couple of seconds. I’d be the same over chocolate 🙂
    Great pics of them playing – really dynamic!

  2. Mrs.P said

    Fantastic photos Sue – they clearly love playing together! I so wish I was in a position to have a pack! And I’m sure Ella would love some mates to play with! I’m sure there isn’t a serious issue with Ty and Lynx – its just the squirrel thing, they get all stir crazy. Poor Ty though!! Ella got bitten by a dog she is normally fine with – we think it was over something edible they found in the park.

  3. indigodream said

    Thanks for the reassurance – I’m sure it was just a feral moment – a useful reminder that we share our lives with predators not cuddly toys!

    They’ve been fine since, though we’re reinforcing our pack leadership just in case. Life with hounds is always interesting 🙂

  4. lesley said

    Tell your Mum that most of the damage was inflicted by the squirrel rather than you (That will be a pint then Lynx, ok?) Next time you need to despatch the little rodent a bit quicker and not squabble over the finer points of how to do it. By the way, I like your writing style, it has me in fits, perhaps you could give a few tips to Sue… Nar, maybe not, who needs the competition?
    X Lesley

  5. Graham and Jill said

    Lynx, when did you pinch my wackwack, I want it returned immediately, oh hang on I’ve just found mine , they must have been cousins, does yours still squeak? Looks like you were all having fun in the white cold sand!

  6. indigodream said

    I know it’s a very personal question, Muttley, but does your ‘wackwack’ still wackwack?

    I hate to admit that mine doesn’t – maybe it’s because mummy Sue keeps taking the ‘wackwack’ out and filling them up with old socks!



  7. Graham and Jill said

    Dear Lynx, my oldest wackwack doesn’t anymore, but the new one that Floyd and Fletchers’ mummy & daddy bought me still does (they bought me another one because I took it round to NB Caxton to show Floyd and he ate it!).Love Muttley

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