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Archive for December 12th, 2010

Boat Blog: So near and yet so far…..

Posted by indigodream on 12 December, 2010

Thursday 9th December

Curses, our plans to cruise up to Kingston this weekend have been foiled by the weather……..

Despite being just metres from Limehouse Lock and the mighty Thames tideway – which, these days, is never in danger of freezing over, we’ve been advised not to leave our berth because the ice is too thick.

It is only a recommendation, the marina managers can’t stop us from moving, but we think we’d be unwise not to take their advice. It’s a very tight turn out of our berth if we’re not to touch the mega-expensive 3-storey cruiser, White Lady, moored almost opposite and Indigo Dream just doesn’t turn very reliably when there’s sheet ice pushing back! Of course, the marina management have already had some grumbles about boats being scratched by moving ice – I guess that’s the tupperware brigade as well! So we won’t add to their woes, though we’re not worried about Indigo Dream’s blacking, as it seems to have survived everything that’s it’s been pushed through so far – ice, muck, trees, supermarket trolleys……..

Another confounding factor is that we need diesel – we’ve got just about enough to get us to Kingston but we’d rather have plenty – it would be so embarrassing to run out of fuel on the tideway when we’ve attended so many talks and briefings this year telling us not to! So even if the marina thaws by Saturday, we might still struggle to get diesel as we’re relying on there being a diesel boat in the vicinity (Richard’s diesel supplier is not available on the weekends!)

We’re thoroughly thwarted and so disappointed because we were hoping for a weekend get-together with nb Herbie’s crew on the Saturday and possibly with Simon from nb Tortoise on the Sunday. We’ll just have to take a rain frost-check. I do hope there’ll be another time  – we’ve had the best times with other boating bloggers.

I find myself looking back nostalgically at previous years of mild, gloomy Decembers filled with drizzle……..

On the other hand, Kingston is perfectly accessible by car and we had a great night – we can highly recommend the modern Rose Theatre and the musical “The Three Musketeers” was great – it’s hoping to go to the West End next, but why not see it here rather in some mouldy old heap in London!

A lack of boating also freed us up for some major DIY, which was quite an accomplishment and we finished with a night out with the Greyhoundhomer gang so it’s been a thoroughly good weekend, even without boating, wouldn’t have thought it was possible 🙂

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