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Boat Blog: A cruise to look forward to….

Posted by indigodream on 19 December, 2010

Sunday 19th January

We’ve just had a thrilling email from Andrew Phasey of the St Pancras Cruising Club announcing that they’ll be doing the convoy cruise to the Royal Docks in January (subject to the weather obviously).

We’re so excited – it’s a great cruise – just perfect for blowing away any cobwebs left over from the holidays. Another bit of excitement is that instead of going out through Bow Lock, our usual transit point, the 2011 convoy might be doing the trip via Three Mills and City Mills Locks. There may also be the option of going round the Isle of Dogs direct to Limehouse basin on the way back.

The trip down to the Royal Docks will be on Friday 7th January; we’ll then moor there for a few days, visit the boat show, have a mooch around, then we’ll come back on Monday 10th. The tide times look very civilised so we’ll be cruising mid-afternoon on the 7th and then lunchtime-ish on the 10th.

I believe that Andrew still has a few boat places left so if you’re in the area why not get in touch. There are a few boat-less crews coming – they’ll be divvied up between the boats on the day. We’ll have a few crew places available but only for experienced boaters (with up-to-date wills!). Get in touch if you’re interested, though I warn you that it will be seriously brass monkeys on the tideway – it was quite cool in scorching July!

The news has really warmed up a freezingly cold week – it’s something exciting to look forward to…..

Greyhound Update….

You’ll be glad to know that Lou, Lynx and Ty are keeping up their reputation as the most calamitous hounds alive – it’s a wonder that we haven’t got vets bidding to have them on their books – it’s guaranteed business! We’ve excelled ourselves over the last month or so with at least 3 vet visits per week – some routine check-ups, some for accidents/illness. As I write, poor Lynx is in doggie hospital having IV fluids, antibiotics, painkillers and blood tests – he’s in pain either from his back, his pancreas or his kidneys (hence the blood tests). We’re hoping that it isn’t anything too serious but he was looking very pitiful when we left him at the vets. All this has been complicated by the fact that our road is well snowed/iced and my car has broken down. Fortunately Richard has got snow tyres and they’ve made a world of difference – he can really recommend them and I’ll be putting some on my car when I get the chance.

I did write to Santa asking for one whole vet-free week, to be honest, I’d settle for a vet-free day 🙂

5 Responses to “Boat Blog: A cruise to look forward to….”

  1. ah said


    Trip to Royal Docks sounds amazing.
    I’d like to join the crew if possible….

  2. indigodream said

    Hi Ah

    We’ll get in touch via email – it is an amazing trip!

  3. Anne said

    Had just been thinking about you, today…..
    Ooh, how exciting – I’d offer my services as crew as I have my Will in place, but not really experienced enough and of course I’ll be working…..but if you find yourself a crew member short – I’ll skive..some things are just more important than money, students…etc


  4. indigodream said

    Hi Anne

    We’ll keep you posted – slight downer as boat movement is currently prohibited in Limehouse Marina because of the ice so it all depends on a thaw now – quick everyone – think warm thoughts!

  5. Lesley Kimantas said

    Best wishes for your Thames tootle, here’s hoping you get your thaw and importantly, very best wishes for Lynx – Greyhounds…I ask you!

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