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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 2 January, 2011

January 2nd 2011

Pleeeze turn that light off and let me sleep.....

I woz too tired to write to all me fans yesterday so here’s a happy new year, wotever that is, it’s wot the humans woz whooping about the other night. They stayed up ’til reely late, so I couldn’t get my beauty sleeps, then Mummy Sue got up at 5am with her coughing  – me and Lou kept giving her big hints – you know, the accusing looks, the big yawns but it woz ages before she got the message – “turn that light off and stop disturbing us”!

According to Mummy Sue, we can’t do New Year properly coz we’re not in Scotland, but we had the next best thing – haggis for our tea – I loves haggis, but so do Lou and Ty – oi, paws off me haggis you two! The humans woz drinking funny fizzy stuff – must have been water but not like our water – it made them super-susceptibliblible to our hypno powers and we got lots of chews and wotnot. That’s the last o’ that tho’ – we had to have one last visit to the vet in 2010 – Lou needed her jabs and the vet has said that she is officially a great big pudding of a hound – oops! No more treats for her, or Ty, he’s a bit of a pudding as well. But I’s a skinny minny so I’m ok but, what’s that Mr Vet, I’s not allowed to charge around for another munf, a munf, A WHOLE MUNF???  I’s got to go back to see the vet in a few weeks so 2011 will be off to a proper start….

All the humans woz a bit subdued on New Year’s day – Daddy Richard’s friend Nick woz a strange waxy colour – must have been that fizzy water they woz all drinking last night – I knew it wozn’t right. It woz a shame, coz scaredy Ty woz very brave and came for cuddles with Nick and Gil last night, it took him a few hours to work out they woz his friends, but he’s a big cuddly tart once he gets to know you. But Ty woz a bit scared again in the morning coz Nick didn’t look quite human and Ty wasn’t sure whether zombies eat dogs!

When I saw Gil giving Ty cuddles last night I thought she woz a nice lady, but she woz ever so cruel this morning coz she insisted that Nick needed a walk to bring him back to life, so we went too. We went to the park – it smells lovely in the park, there’s lots of dogs there and lots of wees to sniff so we sniffed them. O’ course, we woz hexhausted after all that and had to sleep all the rest of the day. But we had one more adventure to come – we got our Christmas presents – finally!

I got a squeeky g’raffe, an Ty got a cute squeeky lamb an’ Lou got a squeeky zebra. Lou had to show us how to get our presents out of the paper – we’s not done that before. We settled down to an evenin’ of destruction and the floor woz covered in toy stuffing, so Mummy Sue got her ragbag out and re-stuffed our toys with old socks and sewed the giraffe’s leg back on. Isn’s she lucky she’s got us – she’d be so bored if we didn’t give her these little projects……


Ooh, I's so tired.....

Lou's flat out as well.....

Lou nicked my pressie while I woz working out what to do....

Ok, I's getting the hang of opening my pressie...

Even Ty got the hang of it 'ventually...

Mummy Sue, did you have to put all this wrapping on - I wants my pressie....

At last....Ty's got the squeeky lamb....

An' I got a sqeeky g'raffe....

Lou got the squeeky zebra - Mummy Sue wants to know why we don't play with our toys in our training classes - we're happy hounds at home.....

4 Responses to “Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary”

  1. Anne said

    Youse hounds are lucky hounds, me and Helga got nuffink, NUFFINK to open when the presents were handed out from under the ‘orrible tree our mummy brought in to our patch yonks ago and moved our beds so it would fit – we’ve been kipping under a bl***y tree for ages now, and havin’ to put up with ‘orrible green spikes droppin’ into our beds and stickin’ into us until SHE decides to give our beds and blankets a good shake….I know we’re only little dogs, not big brave hounds like you, but me and my pal, Helga – she’s old and getting bald – these green spikes stick into us and hurt. I’s younger but they hurt me too – and then SHE gets the bl**dy noisy thing out that sucks up stuff from the floor – I bite the door to where SHE keeps it and daddy (but he doesn’t like to be called daddy because he doesn’t like K9s) moans about me sinking me teeth into the door, he’s lucky I don’t sink me teeth into ‘im (I does, sometimes) it’s a hard life…..Our mummie’s been coffing and sleeping a lot, but managed to get out the other day – she came back wit bags of stuff and pulled out a plastic squeeky thing that SHE said was one of me pressies – it squeeks and looks like a plastic chickin – I growl at it and make it all slimy then give it to daddy, ooh he hates that. Then she pulled out somefink that looked like a fox – I like Mr Fox very much he’s got a squeek too and SHE said SHE’d seen it before Christmas but wasn’t going to pay that much for it, so it must have been reduced…Mr Fox has got no suffing and I’m still trying to shread it so daddy can sew it up for me, like he does with my other toys (even thou he doesn’t like K9s, he must like me a little bit, what with the sewing and stuff)…poor Helga doesn’t play, I don’t fink she knows how….she’s had a hard life, has poor Helgs, she’s from Essex and had lots of different homes and lots of puppies, but I fink she’s ‘appy now…..’fell on her feet’ apparently when she moved to West London.

    Happy New Year and respect to youse big ‘ounds,

    Linda and Helga

  2. indigodream said

    Deer Linda and Helga

    I’m glad you got all that lot off your chest – your poor poor houndies, tho’ Mr Fox does sound like good fun.

    I’s glad that helga’s happy now – even sleepin’ under a tree has got to be better than sleepin’ in Essex (I’s an Essex boy so is ok for me to say it!) where she slept before. Ca’t insult essex coz lots of my doggie friends are still there!.



  3. Lesley Kimantas said

    Hi Lynx
    ESSEX, my Mum’s from Essex and she’s says that you must be a special boy if you come from Essex. I don’t know where that is cos I’s from Lincolnshire – come to fink of it, I don’t know where that is either…
    XXX Floyd

  4. indigodream said

    Cor, Mummy Sue is a bit useless, I mean, you can’t expect me to understand jografy – I’s a dog!

    I’s from Ireland, then I woz in Oxford, then I woz in Essex, then I woz in Suffolk – is very confusin’ but Mummy Sue sez that only an Essex boy could be so devious so that’s wot I am now!

    Yours woofingly


    ps. Hope to meet you this year – we can have sniffs together….

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