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Dog Blog: Lynx’s Diary

Posted by indigodream on 11 January, 2011

We’s had such a busy weekend – I’s qwite hexhausted but not too hexhaused to keep in touch wif me friends….

Ooh, wassat?

Friday 7th December

We’s bin on the boat – mummy Sue an’ daddy Richard woz all hexcited about going on the Thames, wotever that is. But, as you all know, we’s not spent a lot of time on the boat so we had some more important stuff to do, like sortin’ out which dog reelly reelly owns the sofa. Is a matter of vital importance so you’d fink that mummy Sue would be more understanding when me and Lou had to discuss it overnight.

See, it woz like this, Ty’s obviously not a sofa dog, he’s a scaredy wuss who likes to sleep in a little nest by mummy Sue’s bed so he’s sorted.

Now, I’s got a duvet next to the sofa, but I qwite fancied bein’ on the sofa so I hopped up next to Lou. Now she wozn’t too happy ’bout this but insted of sorting it out dog-to-dog, she went and complained to mummy Sue! I woz reely comfy, but Mummy Sue sed the sofa had to be 50/50 so I had to move my nose and give Lou the 1% I owed her. But I liked my nose where it woz so I sneaked over and Lou started this pitiful wailing  and mummy Sue came to sort us out again. Well, this went on for a bit, Lou kept going to get Mummy Sue to help her divide the sofa and eventually mummy Sue made me get off the sofa coz Lou wanted my side and barked and barked about it. So we swapped sides – I still had 50% and that woz better for a bit but then we got restless again – thing is, I’d qwite like the sofa all to meself, but Lou wants it too.

I thinks we may have overdone it a bit coz mummy Sue woz qwite cross by 5am so we thought we’d better settle for the 50/50 deal – woz ok – so that’s sorted.

Mummy Sue woz too grumpy to give us big cuddles the next morning (can’t think why!) but it woz ok coz we had wunnerful friends come to visit. Now I thought that Lou likes mummy Sue an’ daddy Richard, but Lou LOVES Adam – he does the best ever tummy and ear rubs. An’ we had a new friend, Alison – she’s good for a fuss too, but Neil and Kath came with a whole pack of sosidges wot they’d cooked ‘specially for us. I loves Kath – she’s the best…..

We woz  on the boat for a while then we stopped off with a lot of other boats – it woz good – there woz only one other dog so there woz about 5 humans per dog to do proper fussing duties – I went around givin’ everyone me best cute hypno-dog stare so I gots lots of fuss. Ty woz a bit scared so he he hid on his duvet and Lou stuck wif Adam – have I mentioned that Lou loves Adam? Oh course, that mean that I had lots more humans to give me fuss – it woz luverly.

Me at the Thames Barrier, wotever that is....

Then we woz on the boat for another while – I woz a bit bored coz everyone woz outside, but we were waitin’ for our tummy rubs inside – ‘ventually I had to go out and get a fuss – it’s a hard life. I gots me photo taken but reely I just wanted a fuss, oh, and another sosidge….

Then the boat stopped and guess wot – we woz in a totally new place!

Mummy Sue’s blood pressure was back to normal so we thought we’d give her heart a jump-start by fallin’ off the quay wall when we woz all getting off the boat – it woz either me or Ty, the eye-witnesses are divided and I’m no snitch. Lucky we still had our lifejackets on – Daddy Richard grabbed the handle quick and hoicked the guilty dog out before they could fall into the water proper.

There wozn’t much grass and no hope of a wabbit in the new place, tho we did sniff a few rats. But it don’t matter – me an’ Lou woz busy making sure that everyone would know we’d bin there – we sniffed an’ we wee’d then we wee’d an’ we sniffed – woz himportant work! But Ty, well, he just wandered about lookin’ worried – he didn’t sniff or wee at all – are you sure he’s a proper hound, mummy Sue?

We woz proper hexausted after our hexploring – and we hadn’t slept all day just in case we missed a fuss, so me an’ Lou settled nicely on the sofa. But the wind woz howlin’ an we got a bit cold so we had to ask mummy Sue for extra blankets – then we woz snug and had a nice lie-in.

Saturday 8th January

Our boat beds - do you fink it's good enuff, I's not sure? Oh, we has got another 2 duvets an' a pillow at the front of the boat as well.....

In the mornin’ we went for a long walk, but Ty STILL didn’t want to be a proper dog – me an’ Lou showed him how so sniff and wee but he wasn’t havin’ any of it. Mummy Sue looked a bit worried and rang the vet – “a 2-hour walk” she sed – WOT? Mummy Sue, our paws will fall off! But we had to go – we woz goin’ to walk and walk until Ty had a wee. Well, me an Lou plodded on an’ on an’ on  but Ty still didn’t get the hint. “Get on wif it” we sed “wee already so we can get back to bed” but no, he woz just too scared to wee – can you imagine, I told you he wozn’t a proper hound.

So we gave up on walking and went back to the boat, then Daddy Richard got the car and we came all the way home so that Ty could have a wee. He woz so happy and wee’d and wee’d and wee’d – then he ran into the dustbins an’ grazed his leg – never mind! But just as he woz getting reeelly happy they trooped him off to the vet – poor Ty. Mummy Sue woz sad coz Santy Claws hasn’t give her a vet-free week yet – we bin twice this year already coz Lou pulled a muscle a few days ago – we loves the vet – NOT!

The vet said that Ty’s bladder woz ok but his mind’s not quite right – so he got some tablets to chill him out – me an’ Lou is mystified – we don’t need tablets to chill us out – we’s pre-chilled – ooh talking of chilled, can you bring me an extra blanket mummy Sue?

Sunday 9th January

We had to leave our nice comfy home duvets and come back to our nice comfy boat sofa today – we went for a long walk – me and Lou pretty much own the place now but Ty, well, what is it with him and not weeing?

We mostly did sleeping today coz mummy Sue and Daddy Richard went to the boat show – they got a life-jacket for Ty so he’s a proper boating dog now – shape up Ty, you’s in it for the long haul mate!

Lou doin' snoozing....

Mummy Sue gave Ty some special tablets so he chilled out a bit and had a wee – cor, what a fuss, we all held our breaths until he was done then Mummy Sue and Daddy Richard woz saying ‘clever boy Ty’….just coz he had a wee! Huh, I can wee no problem, ain’t nuffink clever about it….

Me and Lou shared the sofa nicely until 4am then we Lou woz reelly sneaky – she told mummy Sue that she needed to go out for a wee, so muumy Sue got up and tried to open the door. I thought I’d like a wlk meself so I got up and quick as flash Lou pinched my place on the sofa. She didn’t need to go outside at all! Mummy Sue woz NOT happy so she gave me a big fuss and let me get onto the other half of the sofa with Lou. Mummy Sue woz muttering “b$%%^& dogs” and “off to to Battersea…..” when she went back to bed – I wonder wot she meant, she knows you can’t moor the boat in Battersea and she can’t talking about us dogs, we’s perfect!

10th January

Mummy Sue woz all better in the morning – she went to the shop and got us a chicken for our breakfast – now I loves chicken but I prefers steak – Mummy Sue brought some back from the pub last night – she said it was tough and I agreed, fancy giving us sub-standard steak to eat. I asked her to get another one for us to check but the pub doesn’t open on Monday mornings – oh well, chicken it is then.

Me doin' sleeping - I's a champion sleeper....

We’s had a BIG drama today – Mummy Sue woz a bit clumsy steering the boat and stuff went flying around inside so we hounds all flew outside. Mummy Sue woz all in a panic coz Lou and Ty jumped ship – lit’rally – they hopped off the boat and ran down the quay, in fact, Ty woz off the quay and onto the road. Oh oh oh, wot a commotion, I woz a good boy and stayed with Mummy Sue on the boat but I qwite fancied joining the others for a bit of mayhem. Durr, Mummy Sue saw me looking and chucked me inside while she ran off to catch Lou and Daddy Richard ran off the catch Ty. They had a great adventure and I woz a bit jealous coz they had lots of fun and got back on the boat with no harm done. Lou and Ty wozn’t talking to Mummy Sue after that so I stepped in an’ gave mummy Sue a big fuss and she rubbed my ears – result!

The rest of the day woz a bit boring – we woz on the boat for ages but me and Lou enjoyed looking out at the river and telling Daddy Richard how to drive the boat – he woz ever so grateful!

Now I qwite like my life jacket – is warm and I thinks I look very smart but Lou decided hers was a tortunre jacket and every time she moved she screamed the place donw. Mummy Sue and daddy Richard was baffled – it’s her jacket, she’s worn it lots , but not it was killin’ her, or so Lou said. Mummy Sue had to take the jacket off and told Lou that she musn’t fall overboard without it – huh, you’d better not sink us either mummy Sue!

The best bit about the boat is leavi’ it – Mummy Sue has to empty the fridge and we gets to eat all the leftover chicken and ham and cheese – this was ‘specially good today coz Ty woz too scared to eat and Lou woz sulking so I got the whole lot – yum yum yum yum!

We’s had an hexciting weekend and we’s so glad to be home – we’s all on our proper duvets – Lou and Ty is fast asleep – I fink I’d better join them – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Me photo halbum…..

Me and Lou keepin' an eye on the ferrets, sorry, ferries...

I's borrowed this jacket off my friend Mr Biggles who lives three boats down from us - it matches my collar!

Me an' Lou supervising at Bow Locks but we found time for a bit of fuss while we were at it......

Lou checking out the Royal Docks

Lou checking out the Royal Docks

Not sure why, the funny flying white things don't look worth chasing

Come on, that big thing just overtook us

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