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Photoblog: Outward bound to the Royal Docks

Posted by indigodream on 12 January, 2011

We can’t resist a few more photos of our outward journey……

two by two - the convoy approaching Bow Lock...

The first boats head down Bow Creek - the water level was quite a bit higher by the time we locked out....

Lovely story to this name - it became possible because of an inheritance hence "Ta's to ma"

The crew of nb Peace of Pearce - they've become tideway afficionados since we first met them in August!

nb Flora Dora and nb Ketura - both familiar faces from last year's convoys....

Crossing the Thames tideway from Bow Creek mouth...

nb Lotus No 10 approaching the turn from Bow Creek mouth....

The giant Andgersteen sand wharf and one its dredgers - we were to have a closer look at dredger 'Sand Falcon' on Monday.....

nb Arthur Dent at the Thames Barrier....

nb Lotus No 10 at the Thames Barrier - we first met them on the campaign cruise past Westminster a few years ago

Today's Indigo Dreamers (Richard's behind the camera of course) - it looks like a nice dream!

We were actually on this ferry on Sunday - looking down on the water (a long way down) and wondering what it would look like with a few narrowboats!

Waltzing with the Woolwich Ferries (1)

Waltzing with the Woolwich Ferries (2)

nb Ketura and nb Flora Dora crossing the tideway into the Royal Dock - see the mighty Barking Creek flood barrier in the background?

nb Panacea proving that you don't need a big boat to travel the big river!

"you lookin' at me?" - the end of the runway really is very close....

Eye-level from Indigo Dream's side-hatch!

2 Responses to “Photoblog: Outward bound to the Royal Docks”

  1. Lesley Kimantas said

    One day in the not too distant future you will be publishing a photo captioned “…and here is Nb Caxton just approaching Southend Pier..

  2. indigodream said

    Hmm we work on the basis that we turn onto the tideway and hope that the first bridge that we come to is Tower Bridge! Mind you if SPCC happen to organise a trip to the River Medway and there are spaces for non-members …..

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